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charmaineFraser68004 charmaineFraser68004 4 years
if you are badly sunburn white or apple viniger at a 50/50 ration dap onto the sunburn and wow what relief.
HeatherDonaldson75943 HeatherDonaldson75943 4 years
what is saran wrap??
CarolDudleyWilson CarolDudleyWilson 4 years
Also the same on #7 white or Apple vingar I meet vingar on the last post too... my bad
CarolDudleyWilson CarolDudleyWilson 4 years
On slide #6 Do you use White or Apple Cider????
SueZerillo SueZerillo 4 years
sorry i agree with Samantha
SueZerillo SueZerillo 4 years
I agree with Debbie. It would be nice to know if this is white vinegar or cider.. I know white is used for a lot of stuff but Apple is also.. So it would be nice to know which one, not just for slide 4 but the majority of these don't say what kind.
AshleyFedrick AshleyFedrick 4 years
Apply vinegar to freshly shaved areas to avoid razor burn
SamanthaMott36810 SamanthaMott36810 4 years
Apart from a couple particular slides, none of these say whether its apple cider or white vinegar. Which one should be used for the majority of this stuff? I prefer raw apple cider vinegar, but is white better for certain things?
DebbieVerbeke DebbieVerbeke 4 years
I just read on slide #4 here that it is equal parts of vinegar and water for the lice treatment.
DebbieVerbeke DebbieVerbeke 4 years
Opps, sorry about the typos in my post.
DebbieVerbeke DebbieVerbeke 4 years
Kelly Trainor, I don't know the ratio of the solution BUT i do know from personal experience, you have to treat anything in the house that your heads come in contact with. All bedding brushes,combs. Stuffed animals should be ties up in a garbage bag, I believe. Even the furniture has to be treated. It's a royal pain cuz everything has to be done at once. Good luck. P.S. don't forget about hats too.
LaurieErickson62822 LaurieErickson62822 4 years
I am learning alot to do w/ vinegar. There is one that needs fixing, tho. Number 41 uses bowel instead of bowl. Big difference-kinda funny, too!
KellyTrainor79441 KellyTrainor79441 4 years
I am a mom of a 1 year old boy but i have done everything to get rid of the lice but between us both we have gotten the lice. I am going to try the vinegar solution. Here is my question what is the solution that you use please? Hope to hear from you soon thank you very much. Kelly
TinaClemons TinaClemons 4 years
Viniger's multifunctional uses are very interesting, and hopefully some will learn of this and then be able to save themselves a lot of money in the process.
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