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5th Graders' Plot To Murder Teacher Uncovered

5th Graders' Plot To Murder Teacher Uncovered

5th Graders' Plot To Murder Teacher Uncovered

Kids love to hate teachers, but it's another thing altogether when they actually do something about it.

Three fifth-grade students in Fresno, CA have been expelled from their school after allegedly lacing a female teacher's coffee and cupcake with rat poison two months ago.

According to Fresno TV station CBS47, the plot came to light only recently when a parent bragged that her son saved his teacher's life by preventing her from drinking the poisoned coffee. The teacher's "savior" knocked the cup off her desk after a last-minute change of heart. Yes, he was the one who came up with the plot in the first place.


The three children all admitted their crime and two have been placed in disciplinary schools.

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Has your child ever done something that shocked you?

Image Source: Huffington Post

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ZeeMaid ZeeMaid 5 years
Soooooo what this teacher was really that bad that the kids figured this was the way to handle it? Makes no sense to me. Crazy world we live in.
NatalieFrisbie NatalieFrisbie 5 years
Screw counseling them. I know 3 little kids who didn't get their butts beat enough the last 7 or 8 yrs.
ADELENEL74011 ADELENEL74011 5 years
The funny part is that it looks like the parent knew about it and did not think to punish the child or to inform the school about matters
DondeMoore DondeMoore 5 years
I cannot honestly say that my child has ever done anything like that, but I have had anger issues with my child where he stabbed a stuffed animal several times with a big kitchen knife. I had to have him admitted to a behavioral unit. I have to say that is by far the most shocking I have had happen in our family.
DonnaStone96411 DonnaStone96411 5 years
How did the kids get rat poison?? They are in 5th grade! How many parents still child proof when their kids are 10 or 11? Mine are 5 & 9 and I haven't locked cleaning materials, etc up for years. They just know to stay out of it. I agree that the kids should receive counseling and a transfer is not a bad idea, however, I don't believe the parents or video games are to blame! One thing I have realized as a parent is that our children are people with minds of their own. Counsel them.find out what brought them to this solution. Be thankful they changed their minds, but do not start laying blame.
pixiedust8 pixiedust8 5 years
The scary part is that the parent thought it was funny. Yikes.
TerrieHumphries TerrieHumphries 5 years
You can raise your children to do right but they can still go astray. Many people have said we are a family of good morals, but yet I don't understand why my child did this. My son has never played a video game yet he was once very aggressive. We were rasing him and disciplining in the normal ways. There was one catch with him. He has Autism and sometimes with Autism comes aggression. We have it under control now, but at one point we didn't. I will not let one person tell me it was mine or my husbands fault. You do not know what was going on in these children's lives. Could it be video games and T.V. who knows? But I have seen many children with all kinds of issues that have parents raising them in the most honorable way they know how.
TheresaDesarroRevilak TheresaDesarroRevilak 5 years
Holy smokes that's scary!
BobbyeOrona BobbyeOrona 5 years
Wondering how did mom know about this & not come forward? Those are exactly the values this world needs to be teaching our children... how asinine.
AngelaRose80096 AngelaRose80096 5 years
Some of the most infamous sick and twisted criminals in history didn't have rock and roll, tv, or video games... I hope all three kids get therapy for a long time.
CarinDiaz CarinDiaz 5 years
How scary is this ??? As parents we all play an active role in our kids lives. Can someone please tell me how they managed to take rat poison into school without one of the parents knowing ? I know I check my son's backpack everyday.
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