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6 Fun Indoor Games & Activities for Kids

6 Fun Indoor Games & Activities for Kids

6 Fun Indoor Games & Activities for Kids

Snow day! The same words that deliver sheer joy to school-age kids can leave parents wondering how the heck to entertain restless children indoors for hours on end. Luckily, Circle of Moms members have recommended some great indoor games for when foul weather strikes.

1. Put on a Fashion Show

"Dig through the old clothes and costumes and have a fashion show," suggests Pamela H., a mother of one. For added entertainment, let the kids snap pictures and put together a slideshow.

2. Build a Fort

Simple activities like reading or coloring become infinitely more fascinating inside a homemade fort. Kelly, mother to a 6-year-old, shares: "One of my son's favorite activities is building a fort in the living room...Take the cushions off the sofas and chairs then drape sheets over the tops of them. You can pile the pillows in the middle for bouncing, or stand them up to make mazes and rooms." She adds that cleaning up is fast and easy: "I kept a basket in the living room with spare sheets in it, so when we were done, all I had to do was wad them up and toss the pillows back on the right places."


3. Plan a Scavenger Hunt

"My kids love scavenger hunts," shares Vickie B., a mother of three. As Amanda L. relates, spending just a few minutes jotting down clues and hiding items will provide your kids with hours of indoor fun: "I have kept them occupied for hours by drawing them a map each and sending them on a treasure hunt to find simple things."

4. Lights, Camera, Action!

"Make mini movies with your camcorder or digital camera," suggests Tara K., a mother of six children. "We love doing this...the kids assign everyone a part in their 'movie' and tell us our lines, and then it's 'action.' Later in the night we'll have a movie premiere." Thinking up a plot, finding costumes, and acting out the script makes an entire afternoon fly by.

5. Art Projects

Creative projects are a wonderful indoor distraction. Kelly W., a mother of 4, suggests making collages: "If you have old magazines or catalogs around...let them cut pictures out to make collages. Give them a theme, like healthy foods, or things around the house, etc." Other moms, including Nicole M., suggest Play-Doh: "Playdoh. Sounds simple, I know, but even I still get my hands in and make shapes with my kids."

6. Cooking

Many children love helping in the kitchen. "My son loves to stir in ingredients and smell the food," shares Monica M., a mother of two. Heather R. agrees: "They love eating what they helped make!" A rainy day is the perfect time to teach children an easy recipe, whether for cookies, pizza, or a simple soup. Bonus: Dinner or dessert for tonight is ready!

Looking for more indoor activities for kids? Got a great idea we missed?

Whether you're looking for game ideas for a 7-year-old's birthday party or toy recommendations for toddlers, Circle of Moms is a great resource for tips on entertaining children at every age. Join communities like After Pregnancy: Babies & Infants, Toddler Moms, and Moms With School-Age Kids to connect with moms who have children of similar ages to yours.

Image Source: Umair Mohsin via Flickr/Creative Commons

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