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6 Rumored Ways To Select Your Baby's Sex

6 Rumored Ways To Select Your Baby's Sex

6 Rumored Ways To Select Your Baby's Sex

If Americans could only have one child, more would prefer a boy (40%) over a girl (28%), according to a recent poll from the Gallup organization.*

From the many conversations about balancing your family that take place on Circle of Moms, however, it's clear that the desire for a child of a specific gender is even more prevalent among parents who are working on their second or third child.

Here's a rundown of the many old wives' tales that Circle of Moms members have shared, which range from eating certain types of foods, to having sex at certain times or in particular positions, to one that actually stands a good chance of working: heading to your local fertility clinic.


As many Circle of Moms members point out, there's no harm in trying!

1. Charting Ovulation and Timing Sex

Head to the pharmacy for an ovulation kit, says Bianca C. and once you know your PH levels, you'll be able to try for a boy or girl, she says. "Boys are conceived on [the day of or one day] after ovulation." This mom of two boys is "using an ovulation kit to favor conception of a girl." 

"I had a little girl in '09 and twin girls due in February, both times we had sex the day or night before I ovulated," says Jodi K. "I was told (by many family members and when asked my doctor said it was true as well) that the sperm that determines a male are very fast swimmers, but die rather quickly. The sperm that determine a female are slower swimmers, but live longer. So, the way I have perceived it, if you have sex only as -- or just after -- you ovulate, the male sperm will get there first and have a better chance of producing a male, if you have sex before you ovulate, the male sperm will still get there first, but the female sperm is more likely to still be alive by the time the egg comes down, raising your chances for a girl. "

Lea C. used this method to optimize the chances of having a boy, with success: "I heard to have a girl you try to do it before you ovulate and to have a boy, do it when you ovulate or after," she says. "Seems to work. I tried for a boy and that's what I got. I hear my mom tried this for a girl and that's what she got obviously." And Tricia M. also reports success with this method: "I charted my ovulation and timed sex to favor a boy, and... we had a boy," she reports, adding that "Nothing is foolproof, but this (I think) tipped the scales just enough so we had what we wanted."

2. Chinese Gender Birth Charts

Schermein L., who already has a boy, is planning on a girl the next time and will be calculating the target date of conception with a Chinese Gender Birth Chart, which she has heard is "quite an effective way of selecting the preference of the baby."

While these charts and calculators are "said to be for entertainment use only," they've worked every time for Circle of Moms member Mindy S. If you're intent on selecting your baby's sex, she says, "They're the way to go," and reports that "It worked for all three of mine."

3. For a Boy: Bananas, Cucumbers...and Breakfast

Prospective moms-to-be looking for a boy should eat long fruits and veggies like bananas and cucumbers, says Yoon F.  And Melany V. insists that not skipping the most important meal of the day is key: "Eat breakfast," she counsels.

4. For a Girl: More Calcium, Less Salt

Connie D. wanted to follow her two boys with a girl. When she was trying to conceive (TTC), she was told to eat less salt and  to increase her chances, and it worked. "I took a calcium and magnesium supplement and tried to lower my salt intake (these things are supposed to favor a girl). I am due with a girl next month." Yoon F. advises indulging in tart fruits to tip the scales in favor of a girl.

5. For a Girl: Fresh Sperm

If you both want a girl, involve your partner in the planning. Emma M, who had three boys and finally got a girl after using the techniques that follow, suggests frequent morning sex with the man on top. She adds that "the man has to make sure his sperm is fresh, wear loose boxers and take [a] luke warm shower."

6. For a Boy: Have an Orgasm

"Women should have orgasms when trying to conceive a boy, and preferably at the same time as their partner," advises Melany V.

When All Else Fails, Try a Fertility Clinic

While it may sound clinical, Circle of Moms member Jennifer G. points out that "The only way to get a specific sex with 100 percent certainty is through gender selection. There are fertility clinics that can separate the male and female sperm. That is the only way, not pills, counting days, or sex upside down. I had four girls."

Susan P. provides more detail: "I have heard of a VERY COSTLY procedure of gender selection. Basically, they separate the X and Y chromosome and you go through the procedure of artificial insemination to get the sex of your choice. However, it's not guaranteed that you'll become pregnant, and if it fails, you'd have to do it all over again...including the cost."

Would you try to influence your baby's gender?

* The rest have no preference.

Image Source: MarkDM via Flickr/Creative Commons

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of, and should not be attributed to, POPSUGAR.

Join The Conversation
миша15213372 миша15213372 3 years
?Baby gender determination before birth and conception. Baby gender determination by photo of parents only. To do this I have an account and a group at Facebook. The group is called Baby gender by parents photo. /
beckyjones60393 beckyjones60393 5 years
Nature - It'll be whatever gender it's meant to be. Nice if it's how you want it but what if it's not. Those of us who concieve naturally are very lucky so just take what you're given.
cherylevans9043 cherylevans9043 6 years
this is the biggest crock of poop I have heard of. NO one can determine that
CathyYan CathyYan 6 years
some of these sound ridiculous!
CarolineGeermanVanGelder CarolineGeermanVanGelder 6 years
I always heard position has something to do with it...Back in my day they said if you wanted a boy, the woman should be on top. It worked....twice!
CoraleeRobillard CoraleeRobillard 6 years
Wow ridiculous
ShanellNorman ShanellNorman 6 years
Number 1. is so true!!!
VineetaAmbasta VineetaAmbasta 6 years
How does it matter whether it's a girl or a boy? I for one would never try and influence the gender of my baby.
MildredHuffman MildredHuffman 6 years
The father determines the sex of the child
MaggieFanelli MaggieFanelli 6 years
Maybe we should send this article to everyone in China and India where sex-selective abortions are rampant. They'll be ecstatic. It's one thing to prefer a boy or girl, but to spend thousands to make it happen is just sick. This completely removes "unconditional love" from the equation.
JasmineButtimore JasmineButtimore 6 years
This all crap, there is no way of predicting. The gender selection is done before we even find out we are pregnant. There is no point in trying to pin point a time for certain genders, we have a boy and we had sex constantly so it's hard to say whethe it was before or after ovulation so it's anyone's guess, as long as the child is healthy it shouldn't matter what gender.
ChristinaBoyd94839 ChristinaBoyd94839 6 years
No one seems to be saying it works all the time or is foolproof, just that the charting method is the only real way to even TRY to scientifically achieve the wanted result outside of a lab. Just because boy sperm are faster or girl sperm live longer doesn't mean that your egg will be receptive to the opposite, nor does it mean that some little gal may swim like there is no tomorrow.... just means that you MIGHT be doing better at the gender you prefer. Keep in mind that while the sperm are the boy/girl, the egg may reject one and not the other type.
CarrieNennich CarrieNennich 6 years
OK people, you always have a 50/50 shot of getting what you want gender-wise. LOL
MistyTinney MistyTinney 6 years
After having two boys, I tried ALL of these tips. I FINALLY got my girl. These techniques DO work if you follow them EXACTLY.
ShannonHowellWalmsley ShannonHowellWalmsley 6 years
I have orgasms and have both sexes. I don't think it matters as long as everything is where it should be and there are no surprises either sex is just a bonus - think about the deserving people who would give their right arm to actually have there own baby when nature and medicine fail!
AnnieInskip AnnieInskip 6 years
i didn't buy a chart, just made one from graph paper, but i agree with 1 - and this is how i made my baby girl (well had a 50/50 chance) but before ovulation and got myself my gorgeous girl - nearly 7 years ago !!
AmandaFlick AmandaFlick 6 years
My mother knows a woman that paid a company(i think in china?) that guarantees your desired sex if you follow their directions to to the tee. She said it wasn't an arm or a leg to purchase it either. And the woman did get what she asked for. I think no matter what you try, unless it's done with a test tube you're gonna get what you're gonna get. But that doesn't mean when we try to have our next one I'm not gonna try everything to get a boy. lol
KarenBriere KarenBriere 6 years
haha YES this is a stupid article...outside of going to a fertility clinic and having them select the right chromosome you're simply s.o.l . All the rest of this "old wivery bs" is just an insult to the intelligence of those wrote it, thought it, and would read it & ACTUALLY buy it.
HannahMayer HannahMayer 6 years
These are all fun to read about and discuss but I wouldn't put too much stock into any of these!
HayliePham HayliePham 6 years
Gotta say, a lot of this is written in gender selection books. However, I have to advise that the Chinese Gender Charts are not 100% and that there are many different ones out there. They were not always right with mine. I'm pregnant with boy #3 and I guess probably I did get pregnant either the day or day after I ovulated. I plan to actually plan for our 4th and last and hope it's our girl! Our boys were all surprise pregnancies. No way I'm going to pay a fortune to go the medical route to try for a girl, though if you can afford it, go for it for better certainty. I just know I'd prefer natural methods and save my money for caring for that baby. :)
SarahFyfe SarahFyfe 6 years
i have 4 boys and after the first for each pregnancy after i did everything to try to get a girl and nothing worked, i think i tried to hard my boys are gorgeous but there will always be a slight longing for a girl but no more 4 is enough for anyone lol x
KylieFalls KylieFalls 6 years
Hmm, I do not think so - we conceived our boy before ovulation, never a breakfast person, and I hate bananas. With our daughter, we became part of the 2% that fall pregnant on the pill, and im not a morning person, so never any 'fresh sperm' lol. I do stand by the old pregnancy cravings to find out the sex though - all i wanted when expecting a girl was strawberries , pineapple and healthy food, and while expecting our son i just wanted KFC chips!
FunmilolaAtoloyeAyeni FunmilolaAtoloyeAyeni 6 years
i have heard of the ovulation timing amd i think it works. Although i can't be bothered about the gender but at the same time i don't want same gender or large family so in order to balance the equation i will give it a goal, lol
LisaVarboncoeur LisaVarboncoeur 6 years
Of course, it's as much the man as it is the woman, don't forget that! Seems everyone's forgetting the possibility of male predisposition to having more X or Y sperm...look at Henry VIII !
KellyBuck98860 KellyBuck98860 6 years
I have three boys and I am pregnant with my fourth...Yeah I have done the diet the timming everything...nothing works. I am not trying again!! lol!
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