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6 Ways to Make Learning Numbers Fun

6 Ways to Make Learning Numbers Fun

Children develop at different paces, and their strengths and interests vary widely. Whether you've got a blooming mathematician on your hands or are just trying to teach your little one to count to five, Circle of Moms members have some terrific suggestions for helping the learning along — and for making it fun!

1. CDs, DVDs, and Toys About Numbers

Circle of Moms member Jeneva W. points out that little ones have different learning styles. Some kids are vsisual learners and like flash cards while others repsond better to the auditory stimulation of songs. There are numerous counting CDs and videos on the market that teach math basics through music, from Sesame Street to Rock 'n' Learn. And many moms swear by LeapFrog's toys, including Megan R., who says their combination of visual and auditory learning works very well for her daughter.

2. Drawing Numbers Together

Randie N. uses a huge magnetic drawing pad to model writing numbers. Her daughter wipes the board clean and tries to mimic her mother's gestures.


3. A Number Treasure Hunt

Marcy C. has an ingenious method for teaching her son about numbers and counting. She prints out the numbers in a large font, one to a page, and then draws or prints clip-art images for each number on separate pages: three turtles, four ice cream cones, etc. She then hides the pictures all over the house, and when her son finds one, he brings it back to the pages of numbers and tries to make a match. She even gave him a pirate hat to wear for their "treasure hunt."


 4. Cooking Together

Megan R. also uses a practical method that you can tailor to any activity. She enlists her daughter to help her bake something. They'll count out three eggs, one cup of water, two tablespoons of oil, and so on. Her daughter gets a tangible reward, such as muffins, and the learning is unconscious, which means there is no pressure to get it right every time.

5. Looking at Numbers in the World

Felicity C. takes the opportunity to help her son learn numbers when they are out walking in the neighborhood. They look at house numbers and practice naming each one. And Jamie counts absolutely everything with her son: stairs, lights, chairs — anything in their path!

6. Trial, Error, and Observation

No matter which activities you try for teaching your child about numbers, you'll be more successful if you try them when he's feeling happy and carefree. (For Abbie A.'s son, this is when he's in the bathtub!) Then, observe what he responds to and what he ignores or resists. Through trial and error you'll figure out how your child learns best.

How did your child learn about numbers and counting?


Image Source: Courtesy of higetiger via Flickr/Creative Commons

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