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6-Year-Old Girl Crying About Obama Leaving Video

You Need to See This 6-Year-Old Girl Crying Hysterically When She Realizes Obama Is Leaving

After realizing that President Obama's last few days in the Oval Office were quickly approaching, one adorable 6-year-old girl could not hold back the tears, and we feel her pain! Last week, Amber was watching our beloved POTUS deliver his farewell address, when her mom Linzy captured her emotional reaction on camera; and it's something we can all relate to.

As Obama's speech went on, Amber couldn't control her tears and her mom asked her why she was so upset. "He's leaving," Amber responded. "Because he's never gonna be the president no more."

Although she is only 6 years old, Amber's love for President Obama is truly touching, and her understanding of his role in our country is impressive. During a time when our kids are so malleable, it's important to talk to them about the state of our country.


"It's really her first view of a president but I do read her all the books of the United States presidents so she's very familiar," Linzy wrote online. "She loves President Obama and just speaking of him makes her eyes water up."

In an attempt to make Amber feel better, Linzy suggested they watch Michelle Obama's last speech as well. "Later on we'll watch the Michelle speech that she gave to everybody, OK?" Linzy says. "That one's a really good one, her final goodbye speech."

Watch the adorable video, and then, see how the Obamas taught our country what family values really mean.

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