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67-Year-Old Becomes Father Again Using His 10-Year-Old Sperm

67-Year-Old Becomes Father Again Using His 10-Year-Old Sperm

At 67, Malcolm Lawrence has already had a very full life. The retired nurse was a guitarist in the sixties pop band Roamie and the Deltas, has a son and two grandchildren, and has survived 12 heart attacks. With the birth on March 10th of daughter Cerys-May, Lawrence is starting a new chapter in his life with his 31-year-old wife, Anne-Marie. 

The couple tried, unsuccessfully, to have children when they first got married eleven years ago. At the time, Anne-Marie was under the age limit for IVF, so they froze a sample of Malcom's sperm. When they tried again last year, this time using IVF, Anne-Marie quickly became pregnant using the sample they froze over a decade ago.

In response to those who would question whether his age or health make him unfit to be a father again, Lawrence told The Daily Mail, "Some people may criticise but we are happy. Cerys-May will have all the love in the world."


Read the full story at the Daily Mail.

Has your partner's age influenced the timing of your children?

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CoMMember13631179371101 CoMMember13631179371101 5 years
My husband and I are in our 30's, me 30 and he's 33. We recently had a son, and although I don't think we were too old, I am sceptical about having any more children as I look at how old they will be in 10 years and how old we will be. I think this man was selfish. This child might never get to know him or know him for a limited time only.
ColleenCoombs ColleenCoombs 5 years
This was very selfish on his part. Do the people who do have children VERY late in life not think of the children that will in all likelyhood grow up for most of their childhood (including the all too important teenage years) without a parent. I know that some kids only grow up with one parent, but that doesn't mean they would have chosen that path. I only hope that he lives another 20 years at minimum.
TracieDumm TracieDumm 5 years
Poor girl will (in all likelihood) not have a father to walk her down the aisle, see her graduate college or hold her own children someday. I'm in my 40s and still love and treasure my dad. I'm a better person for having had him in my life all this time. Poor girl is practically guaranteed to lose her dad early in her life. :-(
KellyLutz12892 KellyLutz12892 5 years
More power too them both. My parents were 20 yrs apart and they adopted me and gave me the best life any kid could ask for. My dad died almost 10 yrs ago and my mom is still going strong at 70. I'm now 33yrs old. Age is only a number as long as both are of age and happy go for it
GingerLaMar GingerLaMar 5 years
My father was almost 60 years old when I was born and my mother 38. My mother ended up having twins and my father stayed at home as a stay at home dad while my mother was a private duty nurse. He lived to be 92 years old and see two of my children. Somehow even at his age he always kept up with his twin girls and I have been left with the fondest and loving memories. I'm very happy for this couple and their new child.
CoMMember13631117394671 CoMMember13631117394671 5 years
I actually think that it's great. I don't see anything wrong with it; sure it's a tad out of the normal ...but it's their life & as long as they raise the baby with TLC & are able to provide for that baby...then I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.
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