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7 Easy Creative Birthday Cake Ideas

7 Easy Creative Birthday Cake Ideas

Looking for unique birthday cake ideas? Circle of Moms members have tons! We’ve rounded up 7 great creative cake ideas that are fun, easy, and sure to impress everyone at the birthday party — especially your kid!

1. Lego Cake

If your kid is crazy about LEGOS, you'll be pleased to hear that a Lego-shaped cake can be easily made with a loaf pan and cupcake pan. As Jennifer J. explains: “Make a large rectangle. Then cut the tops off six cupcakes and invert them for the top."

2. Ladybug Cake

Ladybug cakes are a simple shape to make and offer opportunities for creative decorating. To start, use a ladybug cake pan, or take Alison L.’s tip and “bake the cake in a metal mixing bowl to get a dome shape.” Then comes the fun! Marla M. shares her decorating picks: “I added black licorice legs and antenae and decorated with pink (strawberry) and black (from a can) frosting, adding googly eyes for the finishing touch! It was adorable and a HUGE hit!”


3. Train Cake

“For boys, I love train cakes,” shares Pam C. “You bake the cake in mini loaf pans and decorate them like train cars. Circus theme is easy, using animal crackers and Oreos for wheels.”

4. Butterfly Cake

Butterflies can also be easily created in cake form. Natasha D. explains: “Bake a round cake, cut it in half and flip the [halves] so that they touch at the center on [the] outside rounded part, and ice the entire thing. Decorate it with her favorite colored candies and use black licorice for antennae. They are super fun and really easy to make.”

5. Superman Cake

If your child is obsessed with a certain red cape-clad Superhero, try Kristine V.'s advice for creating a cake with a Superman emblem: “What I did is printed out a Superman emblem off the computer, traced it BACKWARDS onto parchment paper and taped the parchment (pen side down) to an upside down jelly roll pan. Next I traced the emblem with icing in a piping bag. Then I filled in all the other areas. Then I stuck the pan in the freezer until the icing was frozen. Freezing makes it easy to peel, flip and stick onto an already iced cake.”

6. Beach Scene Cake

Fill the middle of a round bundt cake with blue Jello and you've got the perfect start to a beach-themed cake. Then follow Marni S.’s lead: “I frosted the cake with green frosting and sprinkled spots of crushed teddy graham crackers for sand. Fruit loops for swim rings, teddy graham people and peppermint balls for beach balls. Green fruit by the foot became beach towels and some of it cut into frond shapes and stuck to a Twizzler became palm trees.” Impressive!

7. Cookie Monster Cake

We love this creative idea from Circle of Moms member Kelley H. for a Cookie Monster cake that comes with cookie cupcakes! Decorate a regular circle-shaped cake with blue frosting to look like Cookie Monster and stuff some cookies in his mouth. Then decorate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips to look like the cookies he's yet to eat...but let your guests have at 'em first.

Image Source: Dougcornelius via Flickr/Creative Commons

Join The Conversation
amylantin amylantin 5 years
I will definitely try making the cookie monster cake. one of my pediatric clients was like crazy about cookie monster,and having a cake designed like that would really be an awesome treat!
SarahBurger SarahBurger 5 years
I made a similar Cookie Monster and Elmo Cake for my nephew's second birthday, only I took coconut and dyed it the same color as the frosting, blue for Cookie and red for Elmo, and put in on the frosting to make it look furry. I used marshmallows for the eyes and cut the mouth shape out of chocolate bars. For Elmo's nose I used a butterscotch disk.
MaureenKeishaNkwadi MaureenKeishaNkwadi 5 years
Thanks so much for the tips!
BeverlyBrooks44128 BeverlyBrooks44128 5 years
I do a butterfly cake a little different. Use a 9x13 dish to bake the cake, cut about 1 1/2 inches off the end (this is the body) cut the remaining square from corner to corner, giving you four triangles. The large triangles are the top half of the wings and the smaller triangles are the bottom half of the wings.
SaonahCagnard SaonahCagnard 5 years
wat a Great Idea ! ! !
LisaVarboncoeur LisaVarboncoeur 5 years
Best cake idea I ever found was "ice cream cone cupcakes" : just pour the batter inside the cones, bake and top with frosting to look like ice cream! Easy and a big hit!
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