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7 Great Gifts for Tweens

Wondering what to gift a tween? Whether you're shopping for a 10-year-old boy or 12-year-old girl, these seven spot-on recommendations from Circle of Moms members and Big Family Bloggers should make shopping a breeze!

1. Electronics

“For a tween or even a teenager, some kind of electronics for sure,” recommends Circle of Moms member Lat D. “The big thing for boys is a Playstation 3 and [for] girls is an awesome cellphone. I always keep on a lookout for used electronics. Sometimes, the big box stores sells ‘open box’ items for 5-10 percent less than the regular sticker price.” Marieli P. agrees: “I would say you can't go wrong with electronics.” Her ideas include new video games, a headset for an mp3 player, a camera, iPod, laptop or iPad.


2. Experiences

Many moms recommend giving an experience rather than a present that can be boxed and wrapped. As Sue Barber of the suebarber blog shares, “We buy season passes to the local water park for our tweens at Christmas time. They love it!” She also suggests ideas like a trip to a go-cart track or a musical event.


3. Gift Cards

Gift cards are another safe bet for tweens. Blogger Suburban Correspondent of The More, The Messier notes that gift cards can be found for every age, personality, and interest: “Best Buy for our tech geek, Target for the fashion-conscious girls, maybe one to for the 11-year-old who is still enamored of his favorite building toy.”

4. Personalized Gifts

Running out of hours to shop? “When time is in short supply, I often choose personalized gifts for my tweens or young teens,” shares Anne of Bringing Borya Home. “I have given photo mugs, calendars comprised of pictures of a cherished pet, and photo collage posters. The possibilities with the personalized photo gifts are endless, and can include stationery sets, mouse pads, even jewelry. They are pretty convenient to shop for nowadays, too, as there are numerous online sites such as Snapfish, as well as your local drugstore.”


5. Craft Materials

Whether it’s model-building, robotics, sewing, or wood carving, Circle of Moms member Stacey K. advises that “craft projects are good for older children as well as younger.” Renee Bergeron of A Baker's Dozen and Apollo XIV says that stationery materials such as journals, notebooks, pens, and erasers also make a great creative gift for tweens: “My daughter this age LOVES that kind of thing!”

6. Books from a Favorite Series

A popular book series can be a big winner,” suggests Stacey K. “Check with other moms and the teacher for options.” Or just take note of which books your child has been buried in lately.

7. One-on-One Time

As Anne of Bringing Borya Home shares, sometimes the gift of time is the best option: "I am a mom to six kids, and the one gift each year that they look forward to more than anything else? One-on-one time…Outings have ranged from a bookstore to the ballet, from manicures to a musical concert, and everything in between. For parent-child gifts, these are perfect for building those special memories."

Image Source: Muffet via Flickr/Creative Commons

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MurialTaylor MurialTaylor 5 years
Both comments are very true. Children need to appreciate the basic things in life. Family, love, a good meal, arts and crafts. My very own fruit and nut bag was a treat for me at Christmas Of course that was years ago. This is what is wrong with out children today.
SuzanLemont SuzanLemont 5 years
Ada, there were 2 other pages of suggestions, several of them involving only your time, or a much smaller cash outlay. I recently bought my oldest daughter a photography workshop (x2 so she could go with a friend) through a Groupon deal. She's really into taking pictures and actually quite good at it, so for Solstice/Christmas this year I am taking a few of her most interesting/breathtaking photos, printing, matting and framing them (with cheap IKEA frames) to hang on our walls. Minimal outlay of money; most of it comes from the time and effort on my part. Sure she wants electronics and new clothes and as much as she can get, but I know she will also be proud of the framed pictures, even if she doesn't let it show. Both of my daughters cherish the special family meals we plan (and make and eat together at home) and watching holiday films or playing games together or going out for walks in the woods during the holy-days; it's up to you to make memories based on family and sharing and love instead of crass commercialism.
adaposton adaposton 5 years
Do you think parents that have lost their jobs and living from day to can afford ipods, Ipads, laptops, cellphones or other wise.... when families homes are being foreclsed on what happen to just the simple things in life when did Christmas become so commerical....did this article help me any? No it didn't its sad how we as American has super sized everything
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