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7 Healthy & Non-Messy Car Snacks

7 Healthy & Non-Messy Car Snacks

7 Healthy & Non-Messy Car Snacks

Whether you're running errands or taking a road trip, you often need to feed your kids a snack in the car. Sadly for the family car, many foods are prone to being crumbled, mushed, dripped and spilled when put in the hands and mouths of little munchers. To help keep your kids happy and your car clean, we've rounded up 10 healthy and non-messy snacks for the car suggested by Circle of Moms members.

1. Cereal

Easy to munch on and clean up, non-crumbly cereals are a classic on-the-go kid snack. As Circle of Moms member Dawn shares: Multigrain Cherrios [are] best and little or no mess!"

2. Dried Fruit

Many moms say that dried fruit is a great car snack for kids. As  Darlene B. shares: “My son's new favorite is raisins. They don't make too big a mess and eating right from the box keeps him busy.”  Jessi B. offers similar praise: “I often mix up a small bowl of dried fruit (cranberries, bananas, raisins, etc)...My daughter absolutely loves them in the car!”


3. Granola Bars

“We also sometimes have granola bars in the car because they are easy and not too messy,” shares Courtney J. A Circle of Moms Twitter follower (@Boriqua 2005) agrees, sharing that her favorite non-messy snack for kids to eat in the car is a “Granola bar, hands down! :)” Look for chewy varieties (instead of crunchy ones) to minimize crumbs.


4. Cheese

Cubed or string cheese is another good car snack for kids. As Heather explains: "When we go on car rides, string cheese is nice because it's not messy."

5. Sliced Fresh Fruits and Veggies

"For my little lady fruit and veggies are the best snacks," relays Gwyneth W., one of many moms who bring sliced fruits and vegetables in the car. "They are easy to pack and travel with. I always keep small snack packs of berries (blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry), apple slices or grapes with small water bottles any time I leave the house. My daughter also likes to snack on broccoli or cucumber slices."

6. Mini Sandwiches or Roll-ups

"My mother does deli meat and cheese roll-ups for my little sisters," shares Jill in the Circle of Moms Recipe Swap community. "They love it and [have] started doing it on their own since they have gotten older."

7. Pre-packaged Snacks

Easy to grab when you're running late, small 100-calorie packages of snacks like pretzels, Goldfish, Ritz Bitz and Fig Newtons also earn praise from Circle of Moms members as great car snacks. As Courtney J. relays: "My boys like Fig Newtons, you can buy them in individual packages and they are made with 100% whole grain and 100% real fruit so they are good for them too!"

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Image Source: karen2754 via Flickr/Creative Commons

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CherrylYelland CherrylYelland 5 years
I do not let my 3 year old twins eat the car - period!!!This is a choking hazard!
KellilynRobbins KellilynRobbins 5 years
why do people let their children eat in the car? God forbid if they start choking-you (as the driver) would probably panic. It's dangerous-and after 3 kids-I still don't understand why people do this.
MarninaKregas MarninaKregas 5 years
This person who wrote this article must have a very neat child. It's funny I have all if these snacks dried into my carpet of my car and smeared on my windows, and stained on my was $50,000 automobile !!!! This article stinks!
CoMMember13613658527818 CoMMember13613658527818 5 years
No such thing as a non-messy car snack. Eating in the car is messy. Period.
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