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7-Month-Old Baby Can Water Ski | Video

Watch a 7-Month-Old Water Ski

This video has to be seen to be believed. Even though 7-month-old Ryder Blair can't yet walk, he moves faster than any baby we've ever known. In the video below, we get a perfect view of the quiet glee that grows on his face as he takes off — on water skis!

The Huffington Post notes — and we want to repeat — that even though Ryder is accompanied by his mom and other adults and is not actually attached to a speed boat, this isn't something you should try at home!

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MarilynHunter MarilynHunter 4 years
People, if this little guy didn't want to do this, he would be screaming his face off! You folks really need to lighten up! Child abuse? I don't think so.....
Jen14480249 Jen14480249 4 years
As a mother of 4 kids I see nothing wrong. It doesn't look like the baby is upset. The faces that this baby is making looks from the splashing of water. The mother is clearly running with the baby so that if he falls off she will be right there. He has on a life jacket, isn't going that fast and is in shallow water. Seriously stop over reacting.
HeatherWilliams51705 HeatherWilliams51705 4 years
THAT IS AWESOME!!! His parents aren't doing anything wrong..they're teaching him to have fun and enjoy life!! This is WAY better than sitting him in front of a TV for hours at a time like most parents are doing!! AWESOME!!!!!
Brittawards Brittawards 4 years
People are over reacting. This is not child abuse. The boy clearly is smiling, and he is being watched, closely by who I am assuming is his mother. It's not like they are forcing him to hold onto it and are strapping him in against his will. If he didn't want to do it or didn't like it then it wouldn't have happened.
Janet22794 Janet22794 4 years
One look at this child's face should tell you how dangerous and worse clueless this is. As an Earlychildhood Educator and Montessori directress the past eleven years. TRUST is the most important and only thing a baby needs/wants! Look at the face of this poor kid(child) !! Who really is the fun being done for.....certainly not for the baby, who only wants to please the parents........TRUST them(...........).
JenniferFly JenniferFly 4 years
Absolutely adorable! The water depth ranges from just above the ankle to just under the knees. The baby's not strapped in, if he fell there was someone close by to grab him.! Those who call this child abuse truly have no clue what abuse really is! Parents who let their children play in back yard kiddie pools unsupervised are putting their child in far worse danger then this cute little guy.
Selina14476174 Selina14476174 4 years
I think its discusting!! a form of child abuse
TanyaCollins73577 TanyaCollins73577 4 years
Minnie78 is right, they are sharing what they love. They are a water skiing family so it's in his blood. As the majority of the Australian population lives near the coast, water safety is a big thing in this country, and being water skiers they would be even more aware of that. Here is the link to the interview they did recently on a popular morning show may help ease the mind of those who have a problem with it. (if you can't click on it just copy and paste it into your browser)
JenniferAdams10867 JenniferAdams10867 4 years
The only thing that bothers me is if he fell back, would it break his little ankle or leg? Looks like his feel are pretty secure, so that would worry me. But otherwise I think it's pretty cute. I would guess they tried this many many times slowly at first! It seems he's probably being pulled by someone who is running? Or maybe a jet ski. It's good the woman is running behind him - but seems that she is far back at times. I guess she'd be there in a couple steps though, and be able to catch him. I find it amazing he holds on so well too! Not sure I'd ever try this, but to each their own. Must say he doesn't look super thrilled though!
AshleyMills96216 AshleyMills96216 4 years
He looks like he's having so much fun!! These parents are taking all necessary precautions. If he were to let go it looks as if someone would be right there.
Sandy14475581 Sandy14475581 4 years
That is great. for people who think it is crazy they are crazy. There was someone beside him if he fell, the water was not deep he was being pulled by a person , going a very short distant, and he had a life jacket on. They are letting him experience new things and teaching him not to be afraid.
LindaHargens LindaHargens 4 years
Thats so awesome! Im shocked that he actually holds on the whole time. Hes not upset, someone is staying next to him, and he has on a life vest. While it is not something I would have done with my kids at that age I see nothing wrong with what the parents are doing. Everyone has their own style of parenting and it takes all kinds to make the world go around. I think more people in the need to have more fun and worry less.
BreyannaBrewer BreyannaBrewer 4 years
I think this is fine. This baby is capable of holding on to something going like 7mph and he's being supervised. Yeah, it's a risk because the baby could swallow water, but they are taking safety precautions. There are some parents that leave their baby in the bathtub for a couple seconds and to me, that seems riskier than this. My baby could hold his breath underwater in the pool when he was 8 months old. Just be safe, that's all.
DeniseGiffin DeniseGiffin 4 years
If he's just being pulled I don't see too big of a problem, so long as his feet aren't attached in a way that if he decided to let go he'd end up dragged or something. Meh.
JacquelineBelliveau JacquelineBelliveau 4 years
SERIOUSLY?! My daughter is 7 months old and there is no way in hell I would ever do something so foolish with her! What if that baby had gotten distracted and let go? I realize there are people all around but it only takes a second to swallow a bunch of mucky water or break a leg. GEEZ! I'm totally disgusted!
JulieKieras JulieKieras 4 years
i'm kinda shocked. My 10 month old isn't even standing so I'm like in awe that this kid can even hold on the whole time!! I guess he was safe THIS time but... not really a great idea for this age
EMaKee2 EMaKee2 4 years
It's a little uncomfortable for me to watch and is not what I'd be comfortable with for my son, but to each their own. I don't think he's being harmed in any way?
SharNelsonCrutchley SharNelsonCrutchley 4 years
The problem I have with this is that babies are so unpredictable. What would happen if he just decided to let go? It looks like his feet are pretty secure, would he just fall backwards? Would that contraption he's on stop? It's not the most irresponsible thing I've ever seen, but it it's not very smart.
This is just too cute!
AndreaKrueger AndreaKrueger 4 years
As a mom who's seen these type of 7 month old expressions 3 times, I would think he was totally just trying to figure it out but not disliking it at all. I think it's wonderful that they have the opportunity to share this with him so early.
LisaPang65901 LisaPang65901 4 years
Ok he is not distressed and they were trying to stay with him but, the water looked yuk I would worry what he could pick up from the water and I wouldn't let my kids do this type of thing till they were water safe. Nice that they want to share what they love but really a bit premature I think.
Minnie78 Minnie78 4 years
I think this is great. They are sharing what they love it seems. Looks like he is fine with it and trying to figure it out. He does not look uncomfortable. We do not know this baby or his expressions. They do not look like they were doing it to say my child did it first that sounds very judgmental. Maybe they are a water loving family seeing they are wearing good neoprene water suits and not just a bathing suit. They may really live for being in the water. The 7 month old could be good at learning early nothing wrong with that. It is great to see parents share early hobbies.
AngelaHunter37744 AngelaHunter37744 4 years
Is there nothing that parents won't make their babies do in order to say "my child did this first". Ok so he's not upset, but he doesn't look comfortable!!
NinaNunez36178 NinaNunez36178 4 years
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