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7-Year-Old Cancer Patient Makes a Mind-Blowing Wish

7-Year-Old Cancer Patient Makes a Mind-Blowing Wish

When 7-year-old Maxwell Hinton finished his treatments for neuro-blastoma (a common form of cancer in young people), the Make-a-Wish Foundation was able to grant him the extraordinary wish he'd made during his treatment: to blow up a building.

Maxwell, who lives in Fresno, CA, and is a fan of the popular television series Mythbusters, was able to trigger the scheduled demolition of an old granary in Huron, Ohio. 30,000-40,000 people came out to watch him make a splash. But the best news of all (we think) is that Maxwell is in remission.

Read the whole story (ABC-7)

What's your child's most extraordinary wish?

Image Source: via Huffington Post

RachelBlackett RachelBlackett 5 years
Hehe awesome wish!! And awesome news he is in remission!!
JuliaRoberts17134 JuliaRoberts17134 5 years
I have a friend in IN who has two of her sons who are in remission, We got to see both of their Make a Wishes granted and have donated to that great organization. My friend was able to keep us all posted on I hope all families of children with cancer will check this site out. It really gave her an outlet and a support group too. Julia in Yuma
MayraLopez2916 MayraLopez2916 5 years
Hi pamela can you email me so we can talk about our boys looking for family goung thru the same.
PamelaLevi PamelaLevi 5 years
So wonderful to hear that he is in remission and duch a cool Make A Wish! My son who just turned 3 is currently being treated for neuroblastoma. We hope to take him to Disney when his treatments are done.
MayraLopez2916 MayraLopez2916 5 years
This is awesome my son is 3yrs old and a month ago he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and this shows me so much hope and seeing if we can speak to this family because we just started treatment so all of this has been very hard. This is my email to contact me if possible
CoMMember13629197404241 CoMMember13629197404241 5 years
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