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7 Year-Old Girl Fights Off Walmart Kidnapper

7 Year-Old Girl Fights Off Walmart Kidnapper

Unless you leash your kids when shopping, it's virtually impossible to keep them by your side in a store that sells toys. So we were happy to read that at least one wandering second grader out there, Brittney Baxter of Atlanta, knew what to do when a kidnapper attempted to drag her out of a Walmart store on Wednesday.

Brittney was in the toy aisle and her mom was in another section of the store when Thomas Woods grabbed her. The second-grader made such a ruckus that she scared Woods off. "I was kicking and screaming, and then he put his hand over my mouth, but I kept kicking," she later said in an interview. 

The entire incident was caught on a surveillance camera and Woods was arrested by police less than an hour after leaving the store. 


Read the full story at ABC News.

Do your kids wander off to the toy aisle while you're shopping?

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SarahMeek42972 SarahMeek42972 5 years
yes my kid's have tried to take off to the toy aisle while were in the store but we follow them. I don't trust anyone when it comes to my kid's and I will not let them go alone into an aisle. Especially, at 7 years old. I'm not blaming her mother at all but I am betting she will keep better tabs on her while in stores from now on. So glad she made it away safe!
JessicaFox95256 JessicaFox95256 5 years
I never let my daughter wander off! She either sits in the cart or stays right with me. You just can't be too trusting these days!!
jeanymarcellino jeanymarcellino 5 years
Watch your kids! It is not impossible to do this in a store with Toys. This girl was lucky.
jenniemillichap jenniemillichap 5 years
Her mother shud of been keepin a closer eye on her my daughters 2 an she runs rounds toys r us like mad but I never let her out my sight
JessGriggs JessGriggs 5 years
It's crazy the amount of people who say times have changed. Predators have always been around; probably even more so then than now because of advances in technology which means your likely to be caught now. What has changed is the fact that the media flashes news stories at you from every angle, every minute of the day. I'll give you the fact that the Internet gas provided some deviants with the access to indulge in their depravities but that doesn't mean that these people didn't exist a generation ago. I once wandered off from my parents twice in the same toy shop and their notification was the lady on the tannoy asking for them to come get me. They were mortified and it's now a joke in our family but they had literally turned their backs for a second and I was off. I am not a relaxed mum, I am neurotic and panicy but my two year old, as much as he understands rules and the difference between right and wrong, has a favourite game and that favourite game is to run away from mummy whilst she is shopping. I've never lost him but he's a fast little thing and hard to catch. That doesn't make me a bad parent. You cannot rule children's lives thinking, I won't let them do that because their might be a pervert somewhere near. You would have to keep them chained to the bed. At 8 I was allowed to play on the street and to walk to and from the shop. My children will be allowed to do the same.
goobsmom goobsmom 5 years
That's a bunch of bull!!! It is not virtually impossible to keep your kid at your side without a leash.. Her mom should get in trouble for neglect since she left a second grader unattended!! That kid was too young to be by herself!!
LisaKribbs LisaKribbs 5 years
Honestly, it doesn't matter how old the little girl was. 8 or 18 there is always a chance that someone will try to steal your child. You can't continuously hold their hand so teach them how to be safe and protect themselves.
RebeccaColeman RebeccaColeman 5 years
Sure, leaving the child unattended wasn't the parenting moment of the year, but this isn't an article about bad parenting... This little girl was great for doing what she did, she saved her own life! Not very many 7 year old kids know what to do in that kind of situation. Good for you, Brittney Baxter!
aliaColeman aliaColeman 5 years
Im not blaming anybody. Thank God she is safe and sound and nothing happend to her. Nobody can judge the mother cause kids wonder off when we turn are heads just to quickly grab something off the shelves. So dont judge just thank God the story was a happy ending. Ms. Baxter Im happy you taught your daughter what to do in emergency situation as that. And Im proud that she remember to do as she was told by you because most kids get scared and they forget what we teach the.
TinaGilliand TinaGilliand 5 years
Who lets a seven year old hangout in the toy aisle unattended? Horrible for the child, but the parents are partially responsible for leaving her in a vulnerable situation!
BrittanyLynn17470 BrittanyLynn17470 5 years
Ok, First of all this is disgusting on the parents part. and yes. I blame the parents because it didn't say "girl ran away to go play..." it said "mom let the girl play in the toy isle..." So, it is her fault. How many stories on the news like this do parents have to hear in order to get a damn wake up call, open their eyes and protect their kids" I have a 9, 5, and 2 year old and I NEVER let ANY of them out of my sight in public, period. As for those saying "I used to go across town, or down the street etc... " Times.Have.Changed. I'm 26 and used to do the same thing.. stay out with my friends, play flashlight tag until well after midnight around the neighborhood etc.. but I don't even let the kids play in our YARD unless I am out there because people are sick and disgusting. Times have changed, and it sucks that the kids can't get the "Independence" we once had, but I'd rather my kid complain (which they don't) that I am too careful, than see my kid on the 6pm news found dead 2 weeks after going missing.
AshleySantana AshleySantana 5 years
I don't believe it is impossible to keep an eye on your kids at all times in a store! I never left my parents till I was in high school and even then my sister or friend had to be with me. That's just bad parenting!
JessicaRausch JessicaRausch 5 years
I know a lot of the comments here say that they would never let their child out of their sightat a store. I agree, I would never let my two and a half year old out of my sight, but this girl was in second grade, which means she was probably 8 years old. When I was 8 years old I used to ride my bike around the block by myself, walk down to the corner drug store to buy candy by myself, and I am pretty sure I would leave my mom's side to look at the toys when we went shopping - by myself. I think it's funny when we read articles like this and the first thought is to blame the parent for doing something wrong instead of the fact that she obviously taught her child the right thing to do if anyone ever tried to kidnap her. We can all do our very best to try and protect our children but if we don't also teach them what they should do if a situation like this ever happens, then we are only going half way.
LauraCerboneLofaro LauraCerboneLofaro 5 years
...and by the way, having children means you CANNOT afford to make a mistake like leaving them alone in a store.
LauraCerboneLofaro LauraCerboneLofaro 5 years
I disagree 100% with the very first sentence "Unless you leash your kids when shopping, it's virtually impossible to keep them by your side in a store that sells toys"...I shopped with my 2 all the time with them right by my side. I never let them go off alone and I NEVER sent them to the bathroom alone. Are you crazy?? Scumbags hide out in bathrooms, so do druggies. I also didn't go to questionable stores either, nor did I go somewhere if I felt I couldn't handle the kids that day, and if that makes me a "holier than thou parent" then I will wear that badge proudly! Shame on all the parents that let their kids wander around. Why have children if you don't want the responsibility that comes along with having them. I am truly sorry and heart-broken for every parent who loses a child in this way, but I can only imagine what was so important to this little girl's mother in another aisle when this was going on, and would she be so fascinated by it the next time around?
JessicaWright35873 JessicaWright35873 5 years
I get nervous if my daughter tries to turn a corner without me and then I'm yelling for her to come back. Thankfully she knew what to do.
ShirleyBooth26321 ShirleyBooth26321 5 years
All the holier than thou parents that obviously never make a mistake or bad choice. Geez. I allow my 10 year old to take her little sister to the bathroom at Wal-Mart. That doesn't make me a bad parent. However, I don't let them wonder through the store alone.
IreneSmith69959 IreneSmith69959 5 years
My kids aren't allowed to wander around. Leave you're second grader in one part of the store while you shop in another? It's all about opportunities with these monsters... DON'T give it to them! So happy for the little girl that she got away, and that he was caught.
CaroleBarnes7829 CaroleBarnes7829 5 years
My kids always stay by my side and always make a promise that once we get all the groceries we stop by the toy aisle. If they help me load the basket with groceries it goes quicker and we visit the toys sooner. :)
CoMMember13631162088656 CoMMember13631162088656 5 years
How scary! :/ Im glad she's ok and with her family. I think her mom has to have a good talk with her about leaving her side specially in public places like that. So scary!
LisaSalzl LisaSalzl 5 years
I am the same way as most of you said. My daughter NEVER leaves my side.. she is in the cart always!!! But I am so happy that this daughter is ok.. Hopefully it will teach them to never leave her alone again.. Because what if next time she isnt as lucky? i just hppe they dont think she is able to protect herself!!
BonnieTrupiano BonnieTrupiano 5 years
Parents need to teach kids this in the event they do wander off.Remind them when they are entering the store each time.
MeaganSmith32275 MeaganSmith32275 5 years
Maybe it's just me, but I would never leave my young child alone in a toy aisle even for a "a moment" while I went to another area. I was taught that I stayed with my mother, and that's what I did. Not only because of stranger danger, but because children should not be running around free. It's an annoyance to other shoppers, and that is what playgrounds are designed for. Basic manners and respect for others was the expectation. No, my 2 1/2 year old is no saint, and there are times when I've had to chase her, but I am teaching her thats rude and unacceptable. She is learning when and where its ok to play. This mother was wrong for letting her child run free. I am happy she is ok and I am happy she was taught to fight back. This story had a happy ending, and it's a terrible thing for that child to go through anyway. Her mother should've never left her alone though. I am in no way over protective nor do I hover around my child. She plays. Enjoys life. Gets dirty. Does typical child-like things. I just push for manners and respect. I add that to counter-act the inevitable "over-protective" comments that I, as well as others who think this same way, will recieve. kids will and SHOULD be kids, but they should also learn a time and place to play. Not only for their safety (quite obviously the "it wont ever happen to me" thing DID happen to this child and mother), but also to teach appropriate behavior.
JennGeraghty JennGeraghty 5 years
This is ridiculous! I'm sorry but I never let my children out of my sight, ever! Bottom line! My four year old sits the shopping and my seven year old walks right next to me. I would never let my child walk around anywhere unattended ever. In my opinion this mother doesn't give two shits about her child if she was letting walk around Wal-mart by herself. People like this need a parenting class! Why would you let child walk around any store unattended. This makes me sick.
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