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7-Year-Old Kicked off Baseball Team for Being a Girl

7-Year-Old Kicked off Baseball Team for Being a Girl

The Kimball family of Allen, TX. was stunned to hear that their two children, Anna, 7, and Carson, 6, would not be allowed to play on the same baseball team again this year. Anna and Carson have always played together and are very close, but this year their coach decided that he wanted to move the team into "a more competitive league" — one that doesn't allow girls to play which means he had to get rid of Anna.

Ironically, this same coach thinks Anna is a better player than her brother, and shared this with the kids' mom when she protested. For his part, Carson isn't sure he wants to play on a team without his sister. We're not sure we'd want to, either.

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What would you do if your child was excluded because of gender?

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CoMMember13630102798461 CoMMember13630102798461 5 years
I never had this issue since I have two daughters. However there have always been teams divided by sex be it competitive soccer, softball, baseball, basketball etc. The issue isn't weather a girl should be able to play the sport because there are teams for girls but why they can't play together. As they became older my girls moved from co-ed teams in soccer to all girls teams. Why? Because boys are bigger and can cause injuries unintentionally when hitting a girl. Granted there are females who can go toe to toe with a guy but few in school age leagues. So make this about what it is ...not about the stupid coach who thinks boys are "more competitive" or better at the game. Start her in a fastpitch league where she too can learn to stand on her own and be proud of herself. She and her brother can still enjoy their sports and encourage each other.
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