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8-Year-Old Girl Gets Away From Potential Kidnapper

An 8-year-old Aurora, CO, girl kicked and screamed her way to safety after facing a potential kidnapper, The Stir reports. According to police, the girl was in her bedroom doing homework when a man cut through the window screen, put his hand around her mouth, and kidnapped her. As the man dragged her away from the house, she struggled and screamed, alerting her father to run outside, where he found her in an alleyway. While the perpetrator, unfortunately, is still at large, police say the girl’s efforts probably saved her own life.

To find out how much police are offering for tips that will lead to the abductor's capture, read the whole story on The Stir.

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AnitaBurnham AnitaBurnham 3 years
My son and I have been talking about this for a while. A man tried to nab a 12yo girl right down the street from my house and this story happened right where I used to live, so it definitely hits home. Right now, we live on the third floor and it would be very hard to get into my house, but we've been robbed (in another house) twice, so I'm super diligent about everything. I try not to scare him, but we do talk about who is allowed to pick him up and we have a password. (even though there's only three ppl who would ever pick him up!!) We also practice getting out of holds and how to scream and kick if someone tries to grab them.
TinaHorne TinaHorne 3 years
This is a big deal. I have heard of a few other situations where a child didn't submit to someone trying to do them harm and each one succeeded. Sociopaths and other deviants rely on their victims to be passive and afraid. They need them to submit. Children who are in tune to their instincts and trust their innate ability to stand up to adversity and survive have a much greater chance at surviving this type of attack and abuse. We must teach them to put up a stink and be really loud. Bravo to the smart & brave little girl for choosing to NOT make it easy for the bad guy!!!!!!!!!
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