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Accomplishments Only Mothers Get Excited Over

When most women envision a life with kids, they see the miracles, the milestones, and even the inevitable, but they don't know that one day they will be stunned by the excitement they feel over the most minuscule of things. Mundane tasks or seemingly expected occurrences can leave a mama beaming with pride or relief, or jumping for joy. Check out some of mine and add your own!

  • Leaving the supermarket with six bags of groceries, a flat of water, and two smiling children on a Saturday afternoon (thank you Trader Joe's shoppers-in-training carts!).
  • Making a mad dash to find a public restroom with your in-the-process-of-potty-training tot and making it just in time!
  • To see the rest,


  • Going out to dinner as a family and enjoying uninterrupted conversation with your children. You did not have to say, "please sit down" once or shuffle through your purse for a toy to occupy your bored babe.
  • Seeing sand being thrown across the park and being told by the other mother that her kiddo was the culprit and your wild child was actually playing nice.
  • Pulling into the driveway and enjoying 10 minutes of silence after a sun-drenched day at the beach with your kids, who are exhausted and sleeping soundly in the backseat.
  • After an arduous and competitive application process, getting a voicemail that says your child's been accepted to kindergarten!
  • Being the last one to hit the hay at night and the first to wake up in the morning.
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Abilew Abilew 7 years
I just learned from Daddy (who's a public school teacher and has the summer free to be with our 15-month old son) that Willy is eating a bowl of speghetti leftovers in a bowl with a fork. This from a kid that only ate fruit and crackers a few days ago... He sent a photo to my email at work and I almost cried. It's crazy how thrilling even these itty bitty little things can be!
bluepuppybites bluepuppybites 7 years
When your 3 year old says "Your mommy (pointing to mommy), your daddy (pointing to daddy), I'm Chloe (pointing to herself), and that's baby, (pointing to mommy's belly), and we are a family."
lickety-split lickety-split 7 years
everyone being clean at once :rotfl: i remember my husband and i were in the car and i suddenly realized that since our 3rd child was born (couple of months before) there had not been a day when all of us were clean and in clean clothes at the same time. lasted about an hour, but hey, it was a start :)
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