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Aden and Anais's Raegan Moya-Jones's Holiday Wish List

Real Mom Gift Guide: All Raegan Moya-Jones of Aden + Anais Wants For the Holidays Is . . .

Raegan Moya-Jones may have single-handedly changed the way US moms swaddle their babies. The Australian-born, Brooklyn-residing mom of four was shocked after she gave birth to her first child and couldn't find a muslin swaddling blanket to wrap around her newborn. The wraps, which are ubiquitous in Australia, simply didn't exist on this side of the ocean in 2005. So Raegan set out to introduce US moms to the importance of swaddling and the benefits of a cotton, muslin blanket. Today, Aden + Anais fans range from celebs shopping on Robertson Boulevard to our fellow playgroup moms who use them for everything from swaddling their tots to shielding them from the sun.

With the holidays quickly approaching, we asked the in-the-know Raegan what was on her wish list this year. Take a peek — it's filled with plenty of items we all might like to find under the tree!

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