Much of America loves Kate Gosselin for her honesty and still others begrudge her candor. One of the reasons I admire the mama of multiples is because she allowed the cameras to roll through the good, the bad and the ugly — even capturing her Jon and Kate Plus 8 antics over stain fighting, bubble gum and discounts. While I've never gone on a tirade over a coupon or wigged out over my kids' marker use, I do watch her on television and relate.

There are times when all moms and wives overreact — like when I bagged my husband's clothes and put them by the front door because I was tired of tripping over them as I walked around our apartment or how I sound like a broken record when he or my kids don't respond to my inquiries or when I went into the living room to find a box of cereal crushed into the rug and cried because I was sick and tired of vacuuming up other people's messes. Moments of insanity and the fits that follow come with motherhood. So rather than crucifying Kate for her actions — I mean Jon's laid back demeanor and eight active kids can really take its toll on a type "A" woman once in a while — why don't we divulge our less than perfect behaviors and be thankful they weren't captured on film!