When adoptive parents welcome a child into their lives, the babe often takes on a new identity. Especially in newborn cases when the path to their future is unavoidably changed forever.

With twin adoptions, one can't help but wonder if they will ever serendipitously find each other down the line. Some twins claim to have an inexplicable bond – even said to be telepathic at times.

CNN reported that a pair of adopted British twins experienced this recently, but the ending to their story was not that of a fairy tale. To see what happened,


As many twins will accede, the British twins felt an "inevitable attraction" to one another. Unfortunately for this male and female couple, their attraction to each other grew into something more than that – they married.

It wasn't until later into the marriage that the pair realized their similarities were more than coincidence. Since both sets of adoptive parents neglected to tell them they had a twin, they never knew the situation could have been a possibility. The couple has since split and decided to remain anonymous.

Many argue that this case alone is reason enough to allow children access to their biological parents' information.

What do you think? Would you feel compelled to tell your adopted child about his or her birth family?