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Adorable Napping Tots Caught on Camera (PHOTOS)

Adorable Napping Tots Caught on Camera (PHOTOS)

On the stairs, in the high chair, standing up, upside down: kids fall asleep in the most unexpected places and positions! Just take a look at Naps Happen, a photo blog by Alicia (one of our Top 25 Funny Moms) where she showcases adorable, candid pics of creative little nappers.

Why blog about tuckered-out tots? “As a toddler," Alicia shares, "my oldest started collapsing into naps in the strangest places and positions. Naturally, I took pictures, thinking they wouldn’t happen again. I was wrong. It’s been nearly two years now and the naps have kept coming.”

See all the cute nappers here (Naps Happen)

Do your kids sleep in odd positions?

Image Source: Via Nappens Happen

NicoleShaw47973 NicoleShaw47973 5 years
Meh, kiddos are weirdos (just like their parents). I think Naps Happen is a riot. And Alicia's kids, as well as the guest posters (ahem, hi there!), are adept at capturing the strange things---like sleeping on the stairs---that kids get into.
GemmaTaylor2333 GemmaTaylor2333 5 years
i have three young children and they do tend to fall asleep on their beds but on occasion i have found them on the sofa or floor or a bit of both lol it does happen especially on hectic day, i cant say their positions have been as unusual as the pic above but still it does happen not downto bad parenting just tired toddlers
MariaGesty MariaGesty 5 years
to clarify my last comment - i would love to have my daughter just fall asleep when she is tired - for me, not about being a good or bad mom, it is just about my kid.
MariaGesty MariaGesty 5 years
I can't relate either. My 2 1/2 yr old never falls asleep anywhere but the bed or car seat. Not my arms while reading a book, not her comfy pooh chair while watching a movie, not the floor while playing. she will stay awake longer than ever imaginable until you put her down.
RebeccaWilson48966 RebeccaWilson48966 5 years
I can relate! And for those of you who can't how rude to be making such judgmental comments... I'm a young mom, doesn't make me a bad mom. I'm also a single mom, still, not a bad mom. They are tiny human beings with a mind of their own, they will sleep where they want, when they want. I've been on a schedule since the day my son was born, something are simply out of my control though. To those of you who have kids who only sleep in bed or in the car congrats on being the best mom ever.
CoMMember13615943404404 CoMMember13615943404404 5 years
I can't relate either! My kids have fallen asleep in their bed and in the car. How can I let my child get so tired that he actually falls asleep on the store floor? I don't get it. It just seems like their parenting is a little off.
Terri45541 Terri45541 5 years
Lol, Randi it's possible :) I run a daycare and care for 10 children 5months to 3 and a half. And between 2pm and 3:45 they're out like a light. Margaret, koodos to you, routines are difficult but once established it makes life easier....
RandiWhite62225 RandiWhite62225 5 years
You've never had your kids just fall asleep? You can plan their days out enough to know exactly when they'll be tired? Awesome.
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