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Advice to Dealing With Bed-wetting

My Seven-Year-Old...

This post was submitted by jgandrews in The Mommy Club group.

What are your suggestions or advice on how to get your child to stop bedwetting? Mine is seven and has done it ever since he was a toddler. I've taken him to the doctor several times and all they say is that it's normal, nothing to drink after a certain time, and no disciplining him (because he's not doing it on purpose). I don't get mad at him, because I myself remember being in elementary and having accidents awake or asleep every now and then until about 4th grade!

Is this hereditary? Should I take him to a specialist? I ask him why he does it and all he says is that he doesn't feel when he's going.

I'm not sure what to do anymore? Please help?

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meganelizabeth56747 meganelizabeth56747 2 years

Hugs to all parents and kids dealing with nightly bedwetting. I remember so well how frustrating and helpless I felt to help my son stop wetting the bed. He wet every single night until he was 8 years old. He just used pull ups when he was younger. I kept a no big deal attitude. When he reached age 8 the bedwetting began to lower his self esteem. He worried that his friends would find out and he want to go to sleepovers. So I talked with him about using a bedwetting alarm and we read the book Prince Bravery and Grace-Attack of the Wet Knights. He wanted to try the alarm. I purchased the malem with alarm and vibration. He slept right through it at first -which is typical of a child who wets at night. Typically the childs brain does not recognize the full bladder signal while sleeping. The alarm trains the brain to react to the full bladder signal. So I would wake him. Sometimes several times in one night. But gradually he began to wake by himself. And in less than three months he went from wet every single night to dry every single night. I found a lot of positive information about bedwetting and alarm use at
Also new medical studies have linked constipation to bedwetting, don’t overlook this as a contributing factor. Ask you pediatrician to treat your child for constipation and see if this helps. If not, I would strongly recommend the bedwetting alarm.
Good luck and God Bless!

Also, I found the books, alarms and waterproof mattress pads at this webstore:
hope it helps!

jransom94 jransom94 7 years
I myself was pee body. I guess he will grow out of it, maybe he's scared at night. Try leaving the bathroom light on for him. If that don't work put a diaper on him; he'll feel very uncomfortable then maybe you will see some kind of changes.
snowysakurasky snowysakurasky 7 years
how often? i did it till about 10 i think, but not weekly or anything... i heard it could be related to sexual abuse though? guessing you've rule that out already...
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
It's a biological thing he has absolutely no control over. It will develop when it develops. I wish more people knew this becuase there is no reason to question the kids or make them feel like it's their fault. They have NO control over it. See a specialist to rule out any problems, and try those tablets, but you're probably going to have to just have him use those goodnights until he can stay dry at night.
Zivanod Zivanod 7 years
My brother was a bed wetter until 10 or so. My mom would wake him around 11pm when she was about to go to sleep so that he could take a bathroom break. It helped. You can also use underjams and hope the problem goes away.
FrankiLee FrankiLee 7 years
I'm not sure if you have any Hyland's brand stuff in your area's health food stores, but we use their teething tablets (which are AMAZING). A friend of mine was having problems with her daughter wetting the bed (around the same age as your son) and she used their bedwetting tablets and said they worked like a charm. They're a homeopathic tablet so they're not laden with anything you don't want your child to have. They're worth a shot!
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