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Lots of moms like to think out loud and Jo Aaron is one of them. In her latest post to Mommy Brain, she asks her readers for some advice.

It's been quite a few weeks since I've had a chance to write. I've had the normal "busy stuff" going on that causes me to tell people when they ask how I'm doing, "I'm just super busy these days".

But there is some fun stuff I've been dealing with that I'm going to ask you to help me out with.

My son is an adorable, wonderful, happy, sweet, loving child who has recently developed the lovely habit of kicking his legs like the Lord of the Dance when I try to put anything on his lower body, i.e. a clean diaper, pants, a Pull-Up, big boy underwear (that I just wanted him to feel how soft they were against his cute little tushie), socks, shoes...


And of course, once I do manage to wrestle these things onto his body, it can be an even bigger struggle to get them off.

This issue has literally become a huge, literally, it's painful to get beaten by cute little legs a few times a day. So instead of starting a charity foundation for battered mommies, I'm asking you, my fellow parents, for any suggestions.

To be fair, I'll list the things I've tried thus far...

  • Not yelling and keeping my voice soft and calm as I try to reason with him.
  • Not yelling, but bribing him with anything I can think of that he likes...the kid could own the Disney Cars franchise at this point.
  • Yelling. He laughed at me.
  • Holding him down with my legs over his arms on the floor while he kicked his crazy wild legs. Didn't work and I felt all kinds of wrong doing it.
  • Having my husband do it. He got kicked. He was pissed.
  • Talking like Elmo. It worked once. The next day he was over it.

So if you love me, even if you just like me a little bit, you'll offer me some advice. I promise to try everything at least once, so I'm not just being the annoying friend who begs for your help and then ignores everything you've said. I even promise to write an entire post dedicated to the suggestion that works for me...or give you my first born (he's all yours!)

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Jo-Aaron Jo-Aaron 6 years
Thanks for the suggestions! I'm going to try each one! xo Jo
mjokisch mjokisch 6 years
uggggh my little 10 month old girl does this too. i have no idea how to make her stop, so i try to just sit back and watch her do it and enjoy how cute she looks doing it. i don't know if its the same kind of kicking your boy does, but emma looks like she's going swimming.. kicking both legs at the same time, almost every time i put her on her back. if i don't take a step back i get super super frustrated so i just breathe and watch her and it really helps me. and then eventually sometimes she just kind of stops on her own. and i have to give her something exciting to play with or else she is very uncooperative.
EvieJ EvieJ 6 years
I used to say I was an abused mother, so I do feel your pain (ha! I didn't intend to make a pun there, but hey...). I don't know how old your son is but you do mention Pull-Ups and the big boy underwear so he might be old enough, maybe he's ready to start trying to put things on himself? You'll need to have lots of patience for this, as there are days when it takes us 10 minutes to get one sock on, but I just sit and encourage. I went to Target and bought ankle socks for my daughter as they're easeir to get on, plus elasticated shorts. Payless has cute velcro shoes. The diaper/Pull-Up/panties? I'm still working on that. If you do try this, it's also good to give a choice, as in "Baby (obviously say his name!) to do or Mommy to do xxx?". It's surprising how quickly he'll catch on and want to do it all himself. I guess as a last resort you could tape his legs down? :) Good luck! P.S. Isn't it nice when kids laugh when you're yelling? That's when I realized I was not going to be a "yell-y" mom - it did nothing but make my daughter laugh at me. Happy days...
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