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Advice For Pregnant Women

Last-Minute Advice For Soon-to-Be Moms

Moms are always full of suggestions – sometimes it's warranted, sometimes it's not. But when an expectant mama asked for advice before welcoming her first child, our community had opinions. Here's what they had to say.

  • "Definitely go out and enjoy as a couple...and when the little one comes, try and take opportunities for yourself." – aembry396
  • "Drink lots of water! Every time you pause for a breath, or just a quiet moment, drink a glass of water. It helps with sleep deprivation and other things that are going on in your body and trust me you don't want to go back to the hospital for forgetting to take a drink for two day's because you're so busy with the newest addition." – Anonymous reader Sarah 85
  • "Take the help from other people when it's offered and don't worry about what the house looks like." – Anonymous reader littlet
  • "I think the absolute most important thing is attitude. You're so tired and overwhelmed and there are 10,000 things to do and a baby depending completely on you and its stressful. It took me a while to realize how incredibly important the right attitude is." – MissSushi
  • "Get a haircut. I haven't had my haircut since before my 9 month old was born because I can't stand to be away from him for an hour." – MonkiChriz
  • "Trust your husband. It's his baby too, and even if he doesn't do things the way you would, he's doing what he feels is right. I never second guess my husband or tell him he's wrong, because what he does works for him." – amandachalynn
  • "Sleep. And, shower. Even if your baby is crying, shower. He or she won't be traumatized from five minutes of tears, and feeling fresh and clean will make you feel partially human again!" – Asche
  • "Don't listen to any horror stories! It just freaks you out and makes you nervous." – Anonymous reader Lady–Jay
  • "Number one piece of advice is join a mom's group. Hanging out with other new mother is great; they know exactly what you're going through where other mom friends with older kids will have forgotten what it's like. You might make some lifelong friends." – wiggle
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