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A Fashionable Line of Bras For Teens, by Teens

Apr 15 2014 - 12:00pm

It's a day any mother looks forward to but also fears: taking her daughter to buy her first bra. Symbolically, it's exciting — that is, until you step into the store, where it's often impossible to find something that isn't part of the push-up family or overtly sexual. That's how Megan Grassell, founder of Yellowberry [1], felt when she took her younger sister, Mary Margaret, to buy her first bra.

Source: Kickstarter user Megan Grassell [2]

"The choices for her, and for all girls her age — the 11 to 15 age group — were simply appalling to me [3]," writes the 18-year-old from Wyoming. "Not only that, they did not fit her properly." The failed shopping trip made Megan wonder where the age-appropriate undergarments were. When she realized there weren't any, she decided to create her own: Yellowberry.

Source: Kickstarter user Megan Grassell [4]

After a year of research and design, Megan launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring her brand to life. At the end of her 30-day campaign, Megan raised more than $42,000 — almost twice her goal — which has allowed her to produce and sell the bras online. The company has already seen great success, selling out of the first shipment with the goal of being back in stock by May 15. But to Megan, Yellowberry is not simply about giving girls age-appropriate lingerie. It is also about building their confidence and reminding them to stay forever young.

Source: Kickstarter user Megan Grassell [5]

"Yellowberry is based on six themes, which were originally written about my late sister, Caroline," Megan writes on her campaign page. The themes, which range from "watch quietly and observe" to "eat as many marshmallows as you can," were written to keep Caroline's youthful spirit alive, but Megan adapted them to Yellowberry. "They represent what I believe to be a great platform and representation of the best parts of adolescence."

Source: Kickstarter user Megan Grassell [6]

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