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It seems that all the sex in the city has made for children.

The cast of Sex and the City stopped by Oprah yesterday to promote their much anticipated movie that hits theaters on May 30.

To see who carried on about their children,


And, during the chat new dad Chris Noth, mother of two Cynthia Nixon and Sarah Jessica Parker all talked tots. Awed by her son's current age, five and half, Sarah Jessica said she'd love to capture the wonderful stage.

Some mamas revel in the freedom that comes with their lil one being out of diapers, their babe being able to walk on their own or sending their small fry off to school.

Was there a time in your child's development that you wish had stood still?

lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
different for each child. for my first, her first year (before any issues surfaced and we had no idea of what was ahead of all of us). for my second age 2. never a tantrum, never a "no!" very sweet and so full of wonder at everything in the world. for #3 age 4. she was very deep that year "so how long has this been going on..the moon, the trees, you know life".
kikidawn kikidawn 9 years
The mom that I babysit for wishes that she could add 3 years to the 'baby phase' and then only have teenage years be like 1-3 years! lol
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