Forget snakes. I'm scared of babies on a plane — especially my own! A year ago, I would have felt confident passing on travel tips for flying with infants as my daughter was a dream baby barely making a peep for 6-hour flights. But as we've all learned, just when you think you've got it down, the world turns upside down and mama's back to square one. I had the, ahem, pleasure of flying with my family for the weekend and experienced some of the most grueling hours of parenthood yet. My lil guy is a sweet laid back angel on land but without a crib or the room to move, he turns into a screeching wiggle worm who can't get comfortable and lets everyone around him know it. He didn't actually cry or have a complete meltdown but it was enough to make the eyes roll and comments fly.

To see what made me want to pull my hair out, just


In the end, it was the Bjorn and a trip to the bathroom that saved us from helter skelter. I strapped his chubby legs into the carrier and took him to the lavatory where I sang lullabies and caressed his brow. The trick was keeping the door shut without locking it. Locking it enables the bright fluorescent lights, which startled my already hyper child, but leaving the door unlocked allowed other passengers to believe the room was available. After 10 minutes of planting my foot at the door, swaying and soothing, he finally drifted off to dreamland. I made my way back to the seat and rested for an hour before he was startled all over again. Thankfully the end was near and we all made it to our destination alive and well, let's just say alive.

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