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Baby Dies on Airport Luggage Carousel

In what has become a tragic turn of events, a 5-month-old baby has died after his mom placed him on an airport luggage carousel for oversize luggage. Police say that after a flight from London to Spain, the mom put her son on the conveyor belt when she tried to reach for something. But before she could pick him back up again, the belt began moving, he was carried away to the drop portal where the bags merge, he got entangled in the apparatus, and he died.

To hear more, read the whole story on The Stir.

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Suberu1362840143 Suberu1362840143 3 years
I can't believe how cruel and downright ridiculous some of these comments are. For one, the reason there is a different reaction to this happening to a parent is that there is no punishment greater than what they must be going through in knowing that they've killed their own child. Unless there is some reason to believe the parent did it on purpose, which I don't think there is, who could reliably kill a child this way? There is no reason they should be punished. Would you punish someone for tripping up on their shoelace and landing on their kid? Is that neglect? Does it require blame?. And to the woman suggesting the father is somehow responsible, why on earth do you make these incomprehensible assumptions? It was more than likely he was tending to their other child and probably also getting their luggage together(they had more than just one pram!), which is the typical way most families would divide up the tasks they need done. There is nothing wrong with that! This is more than likely a tragic accident and EVERYONE has accidents. Other more detailed reports about this say she lost her grip of the baby which reaching for the pram, the baby was in a carrier, and the carrier then tipped over when the conveyor began to move which caused the babies head to get caught, it happened in seconds. This kind of thing is bad luck and COULD happen to any one of you.
Linda14911165 Linda14911165 4 years
This reminds me in a way of the story last year when the child died at the Pittsburgh Zoo, also by parental negligence or parental mistake, depending on how you view it. What puzzles me about the comments about this story and also about the zoo, is the number of people who believe that they were just tragic accidents, i.e. the mother made a mistake, she was tired, distracted, didn't think, whatever. Let's say that it was the nanny that put the baby on the carousel, or a babysitter taking the little boy to the zoo. Would you still feel that same way? I think not-- I think you would be screaming for charges to be filed. Why does it become an accident if it is one's own child and negligence/manslaughter if not? Parents make mistakes-- I get that. It's hard raising kids, being too busy, going without sleep, etc. But why do we give a get-out-of-jail free card to parents when something happens to their own kid when we wouldn't do it for a nanny, other caregiver, or a stranger. Seems like a double standard to me. My personal feelings about both of these cases is that the mothers ought to be grateful that they didn't face charges. Instead, the Pennsylvania mother is suing the zoo (big surprise) and I'm sure that there will be a suit filed here to. Maybe it is harder to sue in Spain than in the US. The PA suit says that the zoo should have had higher this and higher that to prevent someone from climbing up on the railing. I suppose here, the argument will be that the baggage carousel should have railings to prevent someone from climbing up on it. What's next...
Dionne30063 Dionne30063 4 years
I read the daily mail article about this and its all still conflicting, one minute she dropped the baby another she placed the baby. at one point it says the conveyor has no sensors and has to be turned on then later it says it has a weight sensor. I don't like to judge as they have got to live with this for the rest of their lives. Just sounds like an accident/lapse in judgment. she was reaching for a stuck pushchair apparently and her baby/fell/dropped was placed on the belt and fell into a 10cm gap where two belts meet. the Daily Mail article explains a lot more then the stir or this.
AnneGranberg AnneGranberg 4 years
The story above has the wrong information in it. The baby was actually a girl and the mother did not set the baby on the conveyer belt.
KasiaFabi KasiaFabi 4 years
Really? REALLY? It's not negligence on the mother's part? No? If people would stop and THINK FOR ONE DAMN SECOND about what MIGHT happen if I do this so many senseless tragedies could be avoided!!! This story sickens me to my core!
Anna14909852 Anna14909852 4 years
I'm sorry BUT I am s SINGLE mother of 3, I have flown before with them, and never once have I let my kids out of my site, let alone, not been able to reach/grab / rescue one of them, even with my hands full of bags, and the other 2 going different directions... so something is in fact seriously not right about this story, and even though I do feel bad for their loss, this seriously could have been prevented
SarahDrapeau SarahDrapeau 4 years
very sad.... IF I HAD to place my baby down, I would have chosen the floor. very tragic
AyeshaJackson AyeshaJackson 4 years
something is off about this story! conveyor belts are extremely slow, so where exactly was the baby set on the belt to where the mother (and inattentive father) did not have time enough to "wisk" to grabbing the baby? fishy...? I think so! -__- I'm NOT judging, just stating the facts! there were two parents and two young children. one parent for each child! so why was the burden left on the supposedly exhausted mother to watch the two children AND reach to grab something else (couldn't the father have reached to grab it for her?) again, I'm not judging, I'm just saying!!!! if the story is true, then ( as crazy as it sounds) the mother is NOT solely to blame! she clearly needed a helping hand (from the father) that was not offered! either way, both parents will have to live with this horrific tragedy, therefore, the punishment has already been put in place
JillJackson75962 JillJackson75962 4 years
TO: Kullo - Most conveyor belts like this have sensors on them to move them when an item is placed upon them. That is how the luggage is moved. Either way it is a tragic loss. There is no one to blame for this horrific accident.
KarenWaide KarenWaide 4 years
Anyone with no sympathy to the mother should read the article by the Daily Mail. It explains things so much better.
KulloEgeltonPamela KulloEgeltonPamela 4 years
Leave this poor family alone to grieve the loss of their child. The "Blame Game" can be done by the officials and insurance companies. The carousel should have sensors added to prevent them moving while an object is on them. Children older than this child are known to climb. Parents have only so many hands and this mother had two to look after. There does not appear to be any intent to cause harm but lessons can be learned by both parties. Should the mother have put the child on the floor while attending to the other child another accident could have occurred harming this Child like being run over by a luggage cart or someone tripping over them. Since it was an area for luggage which did not appear to be in use does not mean this women did anything wrong. She will never forget this incident for the rest of her life. Be kind people!
KarenWaide KarenWaide 4 years
I read about this the other day and was so shocked at the lack of compassion of others. This mother made a terrible mistake, the belt wasn't moving at the time. It has been years since I have been anywhere near an airport, but she saw an unmoving conveyor belt and probably wasn't thinking that it would turn on. I don't know her thoughts, but neither does anyone else. This wasn't negligence and she doesn't deserve punishment. SHE MADE A MISTAKE. Was probably preoccupied with her other child.
JaimieSeeds JaimieSeeds 4 years
Wtf is wrong with people!!! Pure negligence!!!
Lilbabygirl14909123 Lilbabygirl14909123 4 years
That is so terrible! The guilt that mother has to live with is punishment enough so I won't say what I'm really thinking. Poor baby.
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