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Alarming Schoolyard Game Banned in Minnesota School

Alarming Schoolyard Game Banned in Minnesota School

And you thought catching your kids playing "Doctor" would be challenging...

Parents in New Ulm, Minn. were horrified to find out that their fifth graders were playing a freeze tag variation called "Rape Tag" in their schoolyard. Their local television station, WCCO TV, reported that, "... if you are "it", you are the rapist. Instead of saying "you're it", you say "Rape," and you get points for touching people on certain body parts."

Parents discovered the game when their kids buzzed about it on Facebook. They reported it to the principal, who worked with teachers and recess aides to put a quick stop to it — but not before at least one parent had published the names of kids who had participated

Read the whole story (Huffington Post)

Have you ever banned a game your kids made up?

Image Source: KSTP via Huffington Post

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AlyssaReed8790 AlyssaReed8790 5 years
wow.... kids have some crazy ideas....
MichelleHawkins2586 MichelleHawkins2586 5 years
I think that while it needs to be stopped & conversations need to be had about what rape is & that it's not acceptable to go around touching other peoples' private areas, whether allowed to or not, I don't think it's anything to freak out over. These are fifth graders, and while they know what sex is (some probably having it themselves, unfortunately), I don't know that they'd fully understand what rape is, the physical & psychological damage that's done, etc. They've only been alive 10-11 years at this point with the appropriately underdeveloped brain, so I wouldn't be "horrified" or "outraged" at the kids. Sure, they're old enough to know the basics: we don't hit, kill animals, lie, etc, but the concept of rape? I just don't know if they'd get it at that age. It sounds like they'd be able to switch the word "rape" with "sex" in this game and it wouldn't change the play at all.
KathleenKeene KathleenKeene 5 years
Yup, we played "Smear the Queer," "Kiss or Kill," and lots of other demeted games, and this was in the 80s. "King of the Hill" was a grope fest, ugh.
LorinLaFave LorinLaFave 5 years
I work at school as well as being a parent. Get involved in your children's school if you are worried. Go to parent forums and meetings. Ask for standards to be high. To me, home schooling isn't the answer, children need to survive in the real world with other people. If the children were playing a tag-like game and having fun, supervisors may not have heard the words on a big noisy playground. Most of our time is spent trying to teach children to get along. The teachers at our school are caring.
GarnetCox GarnetCox 5 years
My son came home from school yesterday telling me how he was playing a football type of game at school called "smear the queer" I about had a heart was obvious he had no idea what the term meant or why I would have such a negative reaction to his game, I had to calm down and breathe for a moment then I explained to him why those kind of game names and games that have him doing things he would not want done to him (namely having your face smeared in the grass) are completely inappropriate. When I explained the underlying cruelty of the NAME of the game he was horror struck and agreed that they had to think of a better name and take out the face smearing in the grass part (basically at this point it's just going to be football). I then called the school and let them know what was going on during their recess times and what the kids were calling it. I even suggested that I and maybe a few other parents volunteer to help out at recess times (they only ever have one teacher out there during recess). I DID, post about it on facebook, warning other parents I know that they may need to have a little talk with their kids but I did NOT post any kid's name, that's just terrible!!
SondraOppedisano SondraOppedisano 5 years
I agree with the majority of people that commented. Samantha Ueno, you I don't agree with at all. Yes there were gross jokes and of course kids spreading rumours and lies, etc, but what you said about we didn't all become rapists, is so very wrong! In fact, the crime of rape is much more prevelant now. I believe there are many more criminals now, esp. rapists! Rape needs to be talked about in health class along with lessons about the body,etc. And especially needs to be explained to older kids(11-12) that it is a Horrible and Vile act! The pain it brings the victim and her family, the shame. They must realize it is NOT a Game in any respect! They must know it's a CRIME!!
NicolePenner NicolePenner 5 years
Traci menge I disagree with you and u make me sad if your not out there invovlving yourself in tag or other games with the kids that is exactly how kids are getting away with this. When I was a kid the teachers and other staff did get involved and we never got away with stuff like this and there for it never madeto the news or anyother place it ended when we started but I guess this and you prove teachers don't care like they use to and I'm not saying spend the whole recesse with one group but you should be out there giving each group of kids playing at least two min and if you can't maybe the school needs to get some help out there so you can so please open your eyes and be more involved kids lives depend on it.
NicolePenner NicolePenner 5 years
They learned it somewhere someone somewhere is giving kids money candy something and a kid turned it into a at school game but as one person put there is something more malicious going on and they need to get to the bottom of it!!!!!
kendrawarsallasagash kendrawarsallasagash 5 years
@sammantha the point is there was touching of private areas. Which is inappropriate in school at work and in everyday life when it is unwanted.
SamanthaUeno SamanthaUeno 5 years
When I was in school there were rape jokes, dead baby jokes, prank calls, etc. All in incredibly bad taste but some people grow up and some people watch Family Guy. Point is, none of us grew up to be rapists or baby killers. If there is inappropriate touching then you put a stop to that, but giving it publicity? Now more kids will want to do it! The kid in me just thought "hey, sounds fun!"
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