Mommy Dearest –

Birthday season is in high gear in my daughter's preschool class, meaning that we are attending several parties every weekend. I thought I had seen every iteration of a gym, magic or cooking party, but this weekend one party stuck out like a sore thumb. At this early afternoon party, while the kids were shrieking with laughter as the clown/magician did his shtick, a waitress passed by with mimosas and sangria on her tray. As I turned to observe the other parents' reactions, I saw many reaching in for a glass and enjoying themselves throughout the party. One father commented to me that this was the best way to make it through the endless string of parties we were enduring.

I don't consider myself to be a teetotaler, but isn't it inappropriate to be liquoring up the adults at a children's party?

– Banish the Booze Mama

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Dear Banish the Booze Mama –

Alcohol and kids is always a controversial topic. Some moms are quick to offer cocktails at afternoon playdates while others don't allow their tots to see them imbibe at all. Given the celebratory nature of a party, regardless of the age of the guest-of-honor, I don't see any harm in offering adult guests an alcoholic beverage. If they aren't comfortable with the idea, they don't have to participate. That said, I would not offer an endless supply of beverages, simply having enough for everyone to have one drink should be enough.


– Mommy Dearest

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