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Alicia Silverstone Chooses Orgasmic Birth Option

Alicia Silverstone Embraced an Orgasmic Birth; Would You?

Laboring mamas have a lot on their minds in the delivery room, but climaxing probably isn't item number one. Alicia Silverstone, who gave birth to lil Bear Blu just last week, is touting the Orgasmic Birth experience on her blog today. While she stops short of admitting to having one herself, she recommends the book to pregnant mamas, saying:

A while back, a few members of the community suggested the book Orgasmic Birth to me, and I happened to be reading it at the time. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to or thinking about having a baby! I think this book was my favorite birth book of all the books I read. If you are pregnant now, read it ASAP.

The birthing method encourages women to enjoy labor to the point of orgasm as their baby births, reminding women, "When the baby’s coming down the birth canal, remember, it’s going through the exact same positions as something going in, the penis going into the vagina, to cause an orgasm."

Would an Orgasmic Birth be in your delivery plan?

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Duffy15021922 Duffy15021922 3 years
Makes sense. Think about a bowel movement. We all know how good they can feel going out, so something going in could, too. In this context receiving anal sex makes sense to me. Even though I'm not crazy about the sensation myself I can see how it would be highly pleasurable to others. Having an orgasm from birth doesn't seem that much of a stretch.
virginiallorca virginiallorca 3 years
This story is so old, the kid must be in college. It happens, ladies, involuntarily. It is sure not a book's worth of info. Hasn't everything been said about Satan in the delivery room, etc.?
Kaye14921588 Kaye14921588 3 years
Orgasmic birth is possible, ladies! Calm the squawking. Read up on Sacred Pregnancy and natural birth. I'm training to become a doula, and orgasmic birth is completely natural, normal, possible, and certainly not gross. Just because it says the word "orgasm" doesn't make it sexual- in the least. Why shouldn't giving birth to a new and wonderful life be a beautiful and enjoyable experience? Why in our society is the pregnancy period a bad experience ("necessary evil")? Because our mothers and grandmothers didn't want us out screwing boys and getting pregnant? Scare tactics and slander, I tell you. Pregnancy is beautiful, Birth is beautiful, Bonding with that period of your life is beautiful! Celebrate it! Empower yourself to believe that YOU deserve a pleasurable prenatal/labor experience! Because you DO. All women DESERVE to feel wonderful during that process- especially after all the work you've done! All it takes is a few informed decisions and some research. If you don't believe me... Well, to each their own. Enjoy a consciously painful delivery.
Meaghan14919761 Meaghan14919761 3 years
Come on people! HAHAHA I think most of you are just jealous of Alicia for actually enjoying her birthing experience. If she had an orgasmic birth, good for her! Her child was brought into the world with more joy than pain. In no way is this sick or molesting the baby, how ridiculously dumb of some people, especially the men commenting (you've never pushed a baby out!) Not like a penis was being inserted while she was trying to push the baby out. Our society is so filled with people that are disgusted by breastfeeding and orgasmic birth just because everyone is associating everything with sex. Just because you see a boob does not mean a full fledge porn will arise before your eyes. It is controlling your mental state which opens you up for this opportunity. Who in their right mind would rather have a pain-filled labor than a joyous orgasmic birth to remember bringing your baby into the world. STOP thinking everything that involves body parts has to do with sexual intercourse. Really the only thing that is different than the average birth is the mother's feelings.
Shirazeh14783761 Shirazeh14783761 4 years
were these choices written by a man? enjoy the labor? ive never given birth, granted, but from what i understand, this is not one of life's enjoyable moment's. my own mother described it as a "necessary evil," and constantly brings it up when my dad complains about paying for our educations. and having an orgasm is hard enough... no thank you, no thank you. god bless feminism, but if i ever do have this experience, i want to be numb from the neck down or totally knocked out.
Rob14774706 Rob14774706 4 years
Does this woman ever say/do anything that isn't disgusting? Every time she is in the news lately its because of something strange and disturbing that she does/did.
LizLangston LizLangston 4 years
call me crazy, the last thing I wana experience when pushing my CHILD out is an orgasm but thx! I'll save that for the private time with my husband!
Christina14767393 Christina14767393 4 years
I really do not even believe that a woman can have an orgasm strictly from child birth. At that very same time, anything having to do with sex or pleasure is not even on your mind! We are focussing on all the pain & struggling just to help push your child out. In fact, I even bet that majority women going through that is not even thinking about sex. They probably would really love to grab & kill that boyfriend or husband that has even did this to her! ANYWAYS, yes I am sure that maybe the big 'O' could happen, but what I do know is orgasms pertain to the female's CLIT!
Molly14520470 Molly14520470 4 years
Penis going into the vagina does not cause orgasm often, it's clitoral stimulation that does it. And if anyone touched my clit during childbirth I'd be PISSED.
Jayde14726784 Jayde14726784 4 years
I heard about orgasmic birth unfortunately after having my son. I think it's extremely fascinating. I had a completely natural birth and thought it was a beautiful experience. It would have been nice to make it more pleasurable. I don't think there's anything "creepy" about having an orgasm while giving birth. An orgasm is about doesn't neccessarily have to be sexual. The people who say that are probably the same people who think breastfeeding is incestual (my 18 month old is still breastfeeding). I guess I'm just one of those people who see the beauty in these things.
mmongillo mmongillo 4 years
She has been in Hollywood way TOO long! There is something just CREEPY about having an orgasm when giving birth to your child! It's kind of along the lines of thinking that your parents actually had to have sex to conceive you....The Stork brought me, The Stork brought me! HAAAA TMI !
JessVoss JessVoss 4 years
I'll just have an epidural and not get off on having a human come bursting through my body.
RoJack RoJack 4 years
If my wife read this, she would hit Alicia Silverstone.
hOlLyH09 hOlLyH09 4 years
I may be mistaken, but is this coming from the same wacko that regurgitates and feeds her child by mouth?
Mame70 Mame70 4 years
I had babies like a peasant; very short, intense labors then up and on the run. There is a "birth high", but orgasmic? Hardly.
eydie57 eydie57 4 years
i prefer the joan rivers method of child birth. you are knocked out at the moment of conception and brought around as soon as the kid graduates law school. seriously, i had my son in 1988. my water broke, but despite having petocin to induce labor, i simply never started labor, nor did i dilate. then it was determined that the cord was wrapped completely around his body and i was strangling him. i had an emergency c-section. i was terrified that something would happen to my baby. i had a complete spinal block, and did not eat, drink or go to the bathroom for seven days. that's how serious it was. it was determined that i had placenta previa, and both my son and i are lucky to be here. not once, i assure you did i ever think of the word orgasm. this is the craziest crap i've ever heard.
GIRL911 GIRL911 4 years
Lisa3571372 Lisa3571372 4 years
I had an epidural for my first child and had my second one naturally (NOT by choice!). My second delivery was fast, but so painful I that I broke a tooth because I was grinding my teeth. There is no way that labor and delivery is orgasmic - it hurts more than you can imagine. Definitely worth it, but it is excruciating. Get the epidural and buy yourself a vibrator as a push present to use later.
Lisa-Marie3567430 Lisa-Marie3567430 4 years
oh hell no.........wack wack wack
virginiallorca virginiallorca 4 years
Appreciate your voices of reason, Seana and SC00000. No point in entering into "dialogue" if you don't have an open mind.
SC00000 SC00000 4 years
LOL oh wow. I am so sorry for all of you gals that freak out over this alternative. you must have had a horrible birth experience. I can tell you ..YES this can happen and NO it has nothing to do with sex. for those saying "see it from another view... YOU look at it from another view. There is nothing sexual about a full person popping out from your vagina. Just because you may get pregnant via a penis entering that canal is just a way to get pregnant. You can have an orgasm by yourself you know :/ In case anyone wonders ... "IS THIS SHI* REALLY REAL????" Follow the link on to YouTube and watch it for yourself! It is just bodily feelings, nerve endings..etc. It is OUR CULTURE that makes it seem sick to us and main streams the "implied" pain that occurs in childbearing. It is sad. It does NOT have to be this way :( ***NOT ALL WOMEN WHO HAVE AN ORGASMIC BIRTH WILL DO IT WITH EVERY CHILD...every bith is different, but PLEASE do NOT talk down to those that choose to follow this path and TRY to do this themselves. and DO NOT make people feel like fools for trying to do this... There are hypno-birthing, bradley birthing..etc. I pushed a 9lb baby out in a home water birth and will do it again with the next one. I am going to try the techniques they offer to TRY to do this, and hopefully will have an even better experience that the last. I had a wonderful experience with my last. It hurt, I won't lie but I can't say it was horrible. It was strong contractions to where it felt like I couldn't breathe because my stomach was so tight but it did NOT hurt, or cramp... I think next time I will try to roll my hips more and not be afraid to move while breathing and pushing.
Seana3564305 Seana3564305 4 years
I honestly don't think it's that big of deal. It's obviously not for everyone and not always something you can help. You can have an orgasm off of different stuff. Riding in a car (the vibrations), riding a horse and even breastfeeding. Having an orgasm releases 'happy' endorphins which helps you relax and relieves pain. Everyone is different!
virginiallorca virginiallorca 4 years
I don't think anybody learned anything from this comment exchange. Obviously many of you posted without reading the other comments. To vent emotionally in what was meant to be a serious discussion raises a lot of questions. I think some of you should print out this discussion and discuss it with your psychologist or psychiatrist. Someone commented on "knee-jerk" reaction. Lots of it here. If you don't understand where someone is coming from, then don't comment. Someone said I used the word "excited" which I never used at all. I described an autonomic response and gave a reference point. I never even said I agreed with Ms. Silverstone's thesis that seems to be you can go into the birthing experience expecting sexual pleasure. I believe that is unrealistic at the very least. It is hard enough to get through life without all this pointless mud slinging. I didn't understand at all that the mud slinging was a basic part of belonging to these forums for so many of you. Giving your opinion or sharing an experience is one thing. Criticizing people because they do not share your often uninformed viewpoint is uncharitable. And unhelpful. Google: "Internet trolls"
Lakshmi3557108 Lakshmi3557108 4 years
I had 2 natural births, neither orgasmic. The first was very hard, long and painful back labor. The 2nd was pretty easy and fast...still somewhat painful, but not too bad. But just because I did not have an orgasmic birth and just because most women in the modern world do not doesn't make me think that they don't exist. I think it's amazing that some women (no matter how few) do experience pleasurable birthing sensations. To me, it's inspirational because it says that it is a human possibility...I think we should work hard as a society to evolve towards making that more common than rare. I think the reason most of us do not experience birth that way is because of centuries of patriarchal conditioning which affects our bodies so deeply in ways that many of us can't even begin to be aware of. sounds like you have a lot of unprocessed anger and trauma around your first birth. I don't say that to judge...just as an observation. It's wonderful that your subsequent cesarean births were happy experiences for you, but for you to suggest that cesarean birth is a better alternative for all women is the same as saying natural birth is best for all women. I'm sure many women who have had cesareans don't share your experience of easy recovery and lovely bonding. The truth is that every birth is different (even for the same mother). We never know, no matter how much we prepare, how it is going to go and what is going to come up. Every birth is an intimate and spiritual learning experience, no matter how it goes. Even though I experienced pain, I still find it fascinating that as a species we are capable of giving birth painlessly and what's more, blissfully. My understanding is that it's not a "sexual" sensation, but just a profoundly blissful/spiritual sensation (the way true orgasm should be and frankly is probably as rare as orgasmic birth!)
virginiallorca virginiallorca 4 years
When it happens, you have no control over it.  It is an autonomic response caused by the pressure on the nerves in the area.  All you think, because of all the pain going on, is "Whoa, what was that?" for about a second.  If you google the anatomy of the clitoris you will understand it better. The nervous system of it is quite widespread. Actually, seeing that will explain a lot of things for you.  In five births, it only happened once.
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