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All-Natural Lice Shampoos

6 All-Natural Lice Repellents Just in Time For Camp Season

There are few subjects that drive parents into a frenzy as much as the mere mention of the word lice. While the topic may be a dirty one, an infestation can occur on clean heads, too — and with Summer camp season under way, it's high time for the little critters to start jumping from head to head.

Though there's no one method that guarantees it will keep your tot's head free of nits, there are a growing number of over-the-counter shampoos, conditioners, and sprays that are believed to repel the bugs. We've rounded up six all-natural lice repellents that use ingredients like rosemary, citronella, and tea tree oils, rather than toxic chemicals, to help keep kids lice free this Summer. Keep reading for our top picks!

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