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Alternatives to White Rice Cereal

Alternatives to White Rice Cereal For Your Baby

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If you have an infant who's ready (or almost ready) to start on solids, you've probably heard mixed reports on whether or not white baby rice cereal is the best thing to start them on. Last Fall, concerning levels of arsenic were found in rice, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended diversifying baby's diet to reduce risks.

"For a baby’s first food, rice cereal is not as nutritious as other food options and only became popular in the past 30 to 35 years because it was thought to be the least allergenic of the cereals," the AAP's Dr. Frank Greer noted. While we always recommend asking your own pediatrician's opinion when it comes to your baby's diet, most will agree that these seven options are safe alternatives to white rice cereal for your early eater.

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