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Fighting Words from Anderson Cooper: Are Stay-at-Home Moms Lazy?

Oh, Anderson. Generally a bastion of solid journalism and insightful commentary, Anderson Cooper seems to have taken a cue from the talk show circuit with one of his recent shows, pitting stay-at-home moms against their work-outside-the-home counterparts.

The show's clearly-for-ratings title — "Are Stay-at-Home Moms Lazy?" — is drawn from the outburst of one of the guest moms, who declares that women who stay at home with their kids use it as "almost an excuse to be lazy." Anderson follows up this evolved comment with an insightful, "You're saying that stay-at-home moms are lazy?!"

The whole point of the show was to discuss a controversial new study claiming that moms who work outside the home are happier than those who stay at home with their lil ones. Surprise, surprise, the guests weren't able to come to any sort of consensus. Understandably, people aren't pleased with the show's topic and especially not with its producers' choice of title, and they are blogging up a storm about it — which is probably exactly the point. Well played, Mr. Cooper. Welcome to daytime TV.

Is it me, or does this whole argument feel a bit dated? Aren't moms over-judging each other like this?

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SteveisHusband SteveisHusband 5 years
I suspect this topic is a "debate" only because of the guilt or regret felt by a woman who chooses to have kids and let someone else raise them (or maybe even the feelings of a woman who chooses against having kids because of a stronger desire to pursue a career). My wife left anvery successful career to raise our two wonderful children. "Lazy" is positively the LAST word i would ever think to use to describe her or any other Mom who is primarily responsible to raise kids and manage the household all day. When she needs to do something solo, and I have both kids to myself for a few hours or even a full day, then I can more-fully appreciate the full scope of her daily responsibility... and I don't know how she does it. There is simply no "break"' from morning to night, especially when he kids are young. While I know that I still underestimate what goes into everything she does, I know I have it easier by having an office job. And I know I couldn't have possibly appreciated my own (stay at home) mother or my wife, or any other stay at home, until I spent a significant amount of time walking in their shoes.
ilanac13 ilanac13 5 years
it's def a personal choice. i think that before i had my kids i would have thought that you would have so much free time to be 'lazy' if you were a SAH mom...but honestly, there are so many days (almost every one actually) that i wished that i could be one. not for the break that i'd get from work, but because there's so much that i'd love to be doing for my kids, with my kids etc .... i love when studies are either dated or done by people who don't have kids to know what it's really like .
PeachesnCreme PeachesnCreme 5 years
I definitely agree with the author. This is rather dated. Truth is, if you think stay at home moms are lazy, DON'T BE ONE and get on with it. Everyone is different, and what one person may find "unsatisfying" could mean the world to someone else. It's not really a matter of debate ( we are), there is no "right" answer to this issue. However, whether or not a mother IS satisfied with her situation and suffering from depression because of it, is a more stimulating issue IMO.
sweetpeasarit sweetpeasarit 5 years
Huh? He said what? So much for being "neutral" as he likes to boast about! Then again I think that went out the window when he began his daytime show and brought out his real personality! Full time moms, whether they work outside the home or not DO work and are far from lazy. You can tell AC has no experience w/the opposite sex and working with children.
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