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Eat Your Greens: Annabel Karmel's Green Vegetable Recipes For Babies and Kids

Mar 14 2011 - 6:30am

Going green this St. Patrick's Day has more to do with your lil one's taste buds than their environmental awareness. Knowing that kids will do virtually anything to avoid putting a green vegetable in their mouths, we've asked some well-known chefs for green veggie recipes that won't have kids turning up their noses. Annabel Karmel [1] is cooking recipes for all of the tots in the family, including a first puree for infants and yummy lasagna for older ones. Check them out!

Eat Your Greens Puree

"It’s a good idea to introduce your baby to the flavor of green vegetables early on. However, sometimes they find the taste of some vegetables too strong, so it can be a good idea to mix stronger tasting vegetables like broccoli together with potato or sweet potato. You could also make this puree [2] using other green vegetables like spinach or zucchini. Frozen vegetables are often more nutritious than fresh as they are frozen within hours of being cooked so it's fine to use vegetables like frozen peas to make your baby’s purees."

Lasagne Alfredo

Layered between two kinds of cheese, pasta, and chicken, this lasagne alfredo recipe [3] is ideal for the entire family.

Spaghetti Primavera

The broccoli, peas, and courgettes in this Spaghetti Primavera [4] are a bit pleasing to a tot's taste buds with kid-friendly lemon and parmesan mixed into the pasta.

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