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Anthropologie Breastfeeding Ban

And the Latest Store to Ban Breastfeeding Is . . .

Source: Flickr user Andrea Williams

Anthropologie. Are you surprised? Ingrid Wiese Hesson, a longtime loyal shopper and fan of the store, thought that it "seemed natural" to head there for her first postpartum shopping outing. The new mom recently spent $700 (in breastfeeding-friendly apparel) at Anthro's Beverly Hills, CA, location then sat down at the back of the store to nurse her 6-week-old son, Xavier, who had started crying. It didn't take long before a store manager came over to escort her to the restroom. "The exact words to me were, 'I'm here to escort you to the ladies room so that you can finish breastfeeding,'" Ingrid recalled on her Facebook page. "She opened up the bathroom, and she said, 'Sorry, there's no chair,' and of course the only thing in the bathroom was the toilet seat."

Ingrid's recollection of her story on Facebook has garnered a great deal of media attention and even led to a protest by 100-plus moms at the location where the incident occurred (see below). To read the latest on what Ingrid has hilariously dubbed "Nipplegate," head over to BabyCenter.

Source: Facebook user Ingrid Wiese Hesson; Front Page Image Source: Flickr user paxye

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Caroline29919 Caroline29919 2 years

Your 9th president did. Here you go, Dr. Kate. Read up on your history and medicine all in one shot.

Caroline29919 Caroline29919 2 years

I suggest you find some of that pot so that you CALM DOWN.

Caroline29919 Caroline29919 2 years

They also say that about people who are not properly dressed for the weather and end up with pneumonia, or people who charge too much on their credit card when you know you can't afford to pay it off when the bill comes. So, what exactly is your point????? Apparently, in your world, personal responsibility and accountability should not count.

Caroline29919 Caroline29919 2 years

Mine ARE, so that shows how in YOU are. And apparently, your stores don't have dressing rooms either. Plus, I said she COULD nurse naked. Get it? That's called making a point. Before criticizing others and being rude, maybe you should reread what they wrote or look into honing your reading comprehension skills.

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