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Anti-Vaccination Effect

The Scary Truth About What Happens When You Don't Vaccinate Your Kids

When it comes to vaccinations, most parents are willing to endure tear-filled doctor appointments if it means keeping their children healthy. Others believe that the vaccines weaken their child's immune system and cause other life-altering diagnoses. Most doctors let parents make their own decisions on the matter, but new data may force them to push patients in a certain direction.

The Council on Foreign Relations developed an interactive map showing the growing prevalence of "vaccine-preventable outbreaks" since 2008. As seen above, the most common outbreaks in the US are whooping cough and measles, represented by green and red dots respectively. The growth in outbreaks is considered to be due to the antivaccine movement that began in 1998 — the year Dr. Andrew Wakefield released a paper that linked the vaccines for these diseases, along with those for mumps and rubella, to the development of autism in children. In 2010, however, Wakefield's findings were discredited. Yet because of the support from famous moms, like Jenny McCarthy, parents continue to refuse vaccines. The CFR believes these parents put their own children at risk, as well as the general public. If a child does receive a shot and it doesn't work, then they are susceptible to an infection that a nonvaccinated children may be carrying.

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PaulaMendes21220 PaulaMendes21220 3 years
C-sections, mother and newborn babies mortality doesn't have much to do with vaccines, I'd say. Either vaccinated and unvax children can be healthy or not, but I wonder how many vaccines are indeed bringing more benefits than risks and potentially dangerous side effects ( during childhood or later in life, that are very difficult to link together when so many other factors are there associated with modern life ). Besides do the people doing research on vaccines, mostly employed by the people selling them, will really focus on side effects that are not easily linked to the vaccines? Even if they've the best of hearts - it's just not their job. So, we never know for sure but should still have a mind about it and choose.
JulieObney JulieObney 3 years
Anecdotal reasoning does not state fact, "my kids are vaccinated and they are ok". Did this generation of Americans(and Brits) skip history and science class on the days communicable disease and epidemiology were discussed. I don't know about anyone else but I've been to old churchyards and seen all the babies' gravestones (and mothers' too for all those who think C-sections and modern medicine haven't had a massive impact on mother mortality). On the other hand, I don't blindly believe everything the Medical establishment says(routine circumcision is an atrocity) but I use sound reason and judgement to form my opinions and not take unverified websites as truthful and unbiased. The sad truth is that we will never be able to make ourselves and our children perfectly safe and that the most successful destructive organism on this planet is - us.
PaulaMendes21220 PaulaMendes21220 3 years
The issue is not if it related to autism or not. Discrediting Wakefield's fondings doesn't prove that vaccines are not causing other less evident problems. Nature is not static and when we get immune to diseases that are with us for long time, others will have the field open for them. Besides that our immune system learns, evolves, gets stronger when it does have to fight germs and common illnesses. Serious diseases that do trully affect a high number of people should be fighted however we can, vaccines, hygiene, etc. Others not. If the majority isn't vaccinated then of course, don't expect not to get sick - it's normal that you do as we all did 30 years ago with all the normal childhood diseases. Some had serious consequences, most didn't. Some people die during a car trip, maybe we must stop car trips? Stairways can also kill you, by the way.
yolandaschrock yolandaschrock 3 years
Read sites like ( think twice) and you will know why some of us do our own research and follow our gut instead of listening to government supplied data. The government is pushing this stuff and they will not tell you the truth. Sick kids keep the system going and money being spent. They don't want our healthy kids around. My 20 month old has never had high fevers or been to the hospital. Neither has he had antibiotics. A 2 yr old vaccinated kid at my church has been in every couple months for temps of 103+ . This is not and should not be accepted as the norm. My mom had 10 kids, all unvaccinated and we were the healthiest kids around. I'm 39 and still feel great with only chicken pox to my name. There is tons of new data on this stuff that gets no attention from pro VAX crowd. They love Wakefield because he's been discredited. We can no longer deny that our tampered with health has become worse than ever. Not my kids.
Heather27427 Heather27427 3 years
New strains of viruses are NOT caused by the unvaxed kids. It's from the ones who are vaxed. Viruses mutate to become immune to the vaccine. It's the vaccines and products such as antibacterial everything we use that causes viruses to mutate. Looking at the map, I want to know what South America is doing so right.
SallyBackhaus SallyBackhaus 3 years
Unfortunately, most of tthe outbreaks in the US happen in populations that are 80-90% verified fully vaccinated. (And the victims often have a higher rate of vervified vaccination thatn the general population.) The other 10-20% might be vaccinated; it just can't be proven. Even if the numbers were reversed, you're still statistically more likely to have serious complications from the vaccines than get even a mild case of the disease.
MichelleHull76371 MichelleHull76371 3 years
I have had MMR shot 6 times, including once right before becoming pregnant - my doctor didn't warn me that it was dangerous. I never show antibodies for it. My daughter, who is on the spectrum, has had some of her vaccines - but she doesn't show antibodies for varicella or MMR either. We are both allergic to the Tetanus vaccine. At this point, we will not get further vaccines. Neither of us has had a flu vaccine for 6 years, nor have we had the flu. Instead, we rely on good hygiene to keep us safe. I think parents have not only the right, but the responsibility to choose for their children. I refuse to let my child be a guinea pig for big drug companies. They don't do sufficient testing, and they aren't held responsible for mistakes. I don't suggest that vaccines cause disorders like Autism, not enough testing has been done. But - they do cause other issues.
ArleneGoetze1378662956 ArleneGoetze1378662956 3 years
The US is the most vaccinated county on earth and still is 37th in health standings. Smith Glaxton etc. writes that its vaccines are 30 to 70% effective that mean 1/2 of the time. There are 14 flu vaccines this year...7 have formadelhyde, several have mercury which is not for pregnant women or tiny babies. FDA has more vaccines before it for testing because drug companies can't be sued as often for serious side effects as with drugs. Oveer 100 girls have died of the vaccine for uterine cancer. It hasn't even been around long enough to test on when the teens get older! My 7 kids got 14 vaccines 40 years kids get 40 by age 4. Absolutely crazy.
KierstenDybing KierstenDybing 3 years
This is scary stuff. And what's even scarier is that the number and severity of vaccines will only increase as more and more new strains of viruses appear, due to the ability to be hosted in non-vaccinated kids. I feel sorry for those children and the danger their parents are putting them in.
CathyKiker CathyKiker 3 years
Not only was Wakefield discredited, but he admitted to falsifying data and that he knew he was lying. He was paid a lot of money by lawyers to conduct a study with false results so that their clients could win a lawsuit. He admitted to all of this.
VickiHutson VickiHutson 3 years
The studies showing the connection have been disproven with more studies showing it doesn't have anything to do with it.
TracyLaughlin1385949286 TracyLaughlin1385949286 3 years
"if they receive a shot and it doesn't work then they are susceptible to an infection that a non vaccinated child may be carrying" What???? If the shot doesn't work blame your doc or the vaccine maker not a non vaccinated child! Here's my advice, you do what you think best for your kid, I'll do what I think best for mine.
JenniferSandberg14552 JenniferSandberg14552 3 years
Lilie: you are absolutely wrong. Wakefield is a quack that tried to cause nationwide panic for fun. If you have half a brain and are competent enough to do any research. You know vaccinessave lives and promote health and well being.
Jauri15320465 Jauri15320465 3 years
Actually, if you did your homework, you would find that the vaccines aren't working on current strains because they have mutated due to people not getting their children vaccinated. Also, Dr Wakefield has been discredited many, many times. Not sure where you are getting your information, but it's just not accurate. This is from a mom of two fully vaccinated children and a Nurse Practitioner.
LilieGjelaj1360964389 LilieGjelaj1360964389 3 years
I believe this study was discredited. See Vaccination Information Network (VINE) on Facebook. Nice try but these numbers just aren't accurate! The outbreaks actually have more to do with the vaccines not working on current strains, as well as creating unknown hosts that carry and transmit disease to the unsuspecting when they are not showing symptoms. Actually, a study on monkeys showed that the monkeys exhibited signs of Autism, totally validating Andrew Wakefield (he was actually NEVER discredited). So this article blatantly lies and uses propaganda to sway its audience. This is a marketing piece, NOT news. Try again Council on Foreign Relations, which is made up of the few richest people in the world that own just about everything. Not a Source I give any credit to!!!!! Talk about conflicts of interest!!!!
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