Mural Meals on the Go: Ants on a Log

After a Summer filled Popsicle fest, most kids face a let down in the fun food department as PB&Js get shoved into plastic bags for a run-of-the-mill lunch day. Moms can keep up the feast festive with easy and nutritious mural snacks that will have lil munchers grinning. Pull out a trick that mama taught you and craft some "ants on a log" with three healthy ingredients: celery, peanut butter, and raisins. Strip the celery's skin so tots don't get string stuck in their chompers. Cut the stalk into two to three inch pieces and fill them with peanut butter. (If you have a peanut-free rule at your school, you can substitute cream cheese or another spreadable filling.) Finally, place raisins on top and voila, you've got yourself ants on a log!

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I remember having this food as a kid! I also remember "Dirt Cups," those chocolate pudding cups with crushed oreos at the top and a gummy worm.
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