Choosing a moniker for your mini me can turn into a big mess if you don't abide by the unwritten rules. A whopping 42 percent of lilsugar readers said they have fallen victim to baby namenapping. Parents are free to pick any name for their offspring, but if you don't want to offend anyone, you might try following these guidelines. To check out the etiquette,


  • If a family member has long coveted a certain name, don't even entertain the idea of using it.
  • If a family member plans on honoring a deceased relative by making their future baby a namesake, choose another one.
  • If juniors run in the fam and you want to name your son after your single brother, ask him if he minds before bestowing the honor.
  • If a relative gave their child a moniker you admire, ask permission to duplicate the name.
  • If calling names is common practice in your circle of friends, choose one for a girl and another for a boy; it isn't fair if anyone has dibs on a dozen.
  • If a person cherishes a name for sentimental reasons, respect that and select another.

Is there any practice you preach?