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Asking the Doctor to Keep Pregnancy Weight Gain a Secret

Baby Fat: Did You Decide Not to Know Your Pregnancy Weight?

Pregnancy is a natural process that usually packs on the pounds. Some ladies eat for two and aren't surprised when the scale tips in a not so favorable direction while others retain water, which accounts for some of their excess weight. Depending on how much of a tracker the expectant woman is, she may choose to monitor her growing figure down to the ounce or decide to opt out of the entire process.

A fit friend recently told me she enjoyed her nine months with child by instructing the nurses who weighed her in not to disclose the numbers. Not realizing this was an option, I inquired about it at my last doctor's appointment. The staff said it isn't uncommon for a healthy mom-to-be to not want to know and they are happy to oblige her request by having her step on the scale with her back to the weights.

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MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
They measured me each visit during my first pregnancy, and so far this pregnancy (diff doctor and diff office) i've been measured twice and i'm 14 weeks. I will probably get measured every time here too. I don't mind, and I don't mind hearing about my weight gain. I was overweight before my first pregnancy becuase of a very sedentary job and took up a more active job during my pregnancy so I lost the extra weight that pregnancy. I've been extremely sick this pregnancy, so i'm losing again, though its not really a positive thing this time. I'm sure i'd find it more annoying if i was gaining steadily and being lectured by my doctor each time.
jenni5 jenni5 7 years
My 1st OB never measured my stomach until the end of my 1st pregnancy. My current OB always measured throughout my 2nd pregnancy (which is why I LOVE him - so much more thorough). I guess this is not a standard practice among all OBs. The weight thing was easier the 2nd time around. I knew both times but the 2nd time around I had the same attitude as you meandtheo!
meandtheo meandtheo 7 years
i knew how much i gained and i gained a lot! with my first i was so upset about the weight but there was nothing i could do, i worked out, i watched what i ate and i still gained 60lbs...with my second i just didn't care, i knew it would come and i know it will go..i just refused to care and i was so much happier!
Danni99 Danni99 7 years
I get so sick when I'm pregnant that gaining weight is a priority. I need to keep tabs on it so I can be sure that things are on track. It was also an important thing to note when I noticed my stomach was WAY larger than it should have been based on my due date and weight gain. When I brought it up, we realized (and then confirmed via ultrasound) that I had too much amniotic fluid. It was important then to monitor it.
Chouette4u Chouette4u 7 years
I only asked them to tell me how much I had gained, not my total weight. Since I knew I was supposed to gain a certain amount, it felt OK to hear the amount gained, but for some reason adding it all together felt more depressing to me.
xlove33 xlove33 7 years
I have my first appt on monday and I haven't decided. I will be mortified if i weigh more than my husband at the end. I am so weight conscious (i wish i were less so) that it may be better, and healthier, if i don't know.
schnappycat schnappycat 7 years
I didn't have the option. At my OB, they instruct you to weigh yourself in the bathroom when you leave your urine sample. So I had to do it myself and then be honest with the results. I suppose there are probably some who aren't as honest.
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