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This Mom Is Getting Shamed For Sharing Naked Photos of Her Baby — and It's Not Just About Privacy

Audrey Roloff, a reality star you might recognize from Little People, Big World, is on the receiving end of a whole lot of flak for posting naked photos of her infant daughter Ember Jean to social media. She posted the series of photos to Instagram on May 8 alongside a caption about the importance of being present as moms. Ever since, the comment section has been a source of mom-shaming.

While there were some perfectly innocuous comments like, "Cute little baby toosh!" and "Babies bums are just the cutest," some people found the concept of sharing photos of babies without clothes on to be especially problematic and didn't hold back when it came to voicing their opinions.

"I cannot stand naked baby pictures," wrote one woman. "They are inappropriate. A baby should have her autonomy and she can't speak up to ask to not be naked . . . It's not cute."

Another person took the time to warn her of the potential dangers that come with posting these types of photos online: "Please be careful out in this not-so-nice world. These are such innocent and absolutely beautiful pictures and I know that your heart is pure, but not everyone else is so kind in this world."

And although there's certainly a reason for concern about exposing babies and children online, some comments took a surprising turn, deviating away from the privacy issue altogether.

"You could at least put on a cute little ruffled underpants on her," wrote one woman. "I hope you put sunscreen on your baby, but you probably didn't and are exposing [her] to the sun and other dangerous bacteria just for the photo op." Believe it or not, a pediatrician also weighed in on whether or not it's safe to put a naked baby in the sand . . . because sand can irritate the skin. "Sitting in the sand naked for baby [is] not a good idea from a pediatrician's (mine) point of view. We've seen it many times! It's not a good idea!"

Thankfully, plenty of followers were eager to jump to her defense on why she shouldn't be shamed about sun protection or a sandy bottom.

"This is literally not an issue for any other Western culture in the world except for ours. Babies go naked in public pretty much everywhere," wrote one user. Another prompted Audrey to brush off the haters, writing: "This is beautiful. Don't let the nastiness get to you! Lived in Hawaii! What a wonderful experience."

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