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Autism: The Musical

Autism: The Musical

As most every parent knows, autism is a disorder that has become more prevalent in the last two decades. Since the cause of it is still unknown, many parents fear what might be in store for their children.

And while autistic children often have a much tougher road ahead of them, some have amazing talents that are overshadowed by their every day struggles. Leave it up to HBO to spotlight the triumphs of these lil stars.

To see how Elaine Hall helped a small group of autistic children,


In the HBO documentary Autism: The Musical, acting coach Elaine Hall took five autistic children (her own son included) under her wing to produce a musical in Los Angeles. Cameras followed her and the troupe for six months where they captured family and stage hurdles and joys alike.

If the movie houses in your town aren't showing it, you can catch the award winning film on HBO next Tuesday, March 25 at 8 p.m.

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DaiMac DaiMac 9 years
Cool article! :) I am Autistic myself here. All grown up 26yr old. :) I sang Karaoke June 14th 2008 :) I was nervous but every one said I did very good with the songs I sang. :) And I choose DaiMac as my nick here because it is my Net Radio Stations DJ name. :) Yep I am a DJ and Web Designer too and sing some times online. I have a bunch of songs I did at Do a member search for Daiwin82 and it should come up with the stuff I did. :) If you want to check out my Net Radio Google DaiMac and it will be the Live365 link one and or the DaiMac's Rock Station named website that I did up! :) Cheers all! :)
lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
hate to be negative nelly, but "many have amazing talents" is misleading. the "higher functioning" kids can do things like be in musicals, but "higher functioning" is in compression to other's with the autism diagnosis not the general population. when it comes to everyday tasks like getting dressed or doing homework they can be tripped up by things that would not even occur to typically developing people. a tiny smudge or a wrinkle on an otherwise perfect paper might make it unacceptable (to the child) meaning homework can almost never get done. this is a small group of children with autism and every child on the autism spectrum is different so this musical is representative of only what these children can do. 9 times out of 10 when I tell someone that my daughter has autism they say “oh! Like rainman!” gifted children on the autism spectrum exist, but i've never met any and i've met (online and in person) parents of about 500 children with autism.
MarciB74 MarciB74 9 years
I have an autistic son and I can tell you he is very smart and knows things just by the look on his face. It is so sad that Autism is growing so fast and so many families are affected by it. The more exposure the better for much needed money and help for the families of autism!!
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