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Bring Out the Big Bucks For Back-to-School Shopping

Your kids may have just gotten into the swing of Summer camp, but retailers want you to start shifting your mindset (and money) to the classroom. Back-to-school ads are popping up in store windows, and the National Retail Federation recently announced that the average family will increase their school shopping budget by 10.5 percent this year. According to their research, mama can expect to spend $225.47 to outfit her tot and an additional $102.93 on his shoes. We've already got our eyes on a few items, but we're curious how much you've budgeted to spend?

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chicagojlo chicagojlo 7 years
School supplies will probably run me about $15 if I shop smart, I got her backpack with a free lunch pack at Toys R Us for $12 last week already. My daughter still fits into all the clothes we bought her for spring and summer and the colder weather doesn't really kick in until late October here. I got her a new pair of indoor shoes last week but only because they were on sale at $15. She outgrows them every couple of months anyway so it's an ongoing expense. Winter boots and snow jacket/pants will come around November, total cost will be under $75.
lickety-split lickety-split 7 years
probably about $500 a child. they each need boots, a winter coat and a jacket. right there is about $200 each.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
100 dollars on shoes for a kid? uh, no way, sorry.
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