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Awesome Dad Convinces His Children That Ewoks are Real (PHOTOS)

Awesome Dad Convinces His Children That Ewoks are Real (PHOTOS)

If you're ever gone to great lengths to keep your children's' dreams alive, you'll relate to Anthony Herrera.

When Herrera's little girl started questioning the existence of Ewoks, the California-based graphic designer set out to convince her that they're real. He took a photo from the family's Sequoia National Park vacation and used Photoshop to add little Ewoks in the background.

See the photos.

We just can't wait to see what he comes up with when his kids start questioning Santa Claus!

How far would you go to keep your kids' dreams and beliefs alive?

Image Source: Anthony Herrera Designs

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trina5538 trina5538 5 years
We told our 10 year old last year there was no Santa boy were they mad my son says why do parents tell such a mean lie then we had to go through the Easter bunny leprechauns all magical creatures are fake and fairy tails boy did i keep hearing about it
SharynnAnderson SharynnAnderson 5 years
my dad had told me so many stories when i was little to which i questioned some funny some very silly sure at first when these were found to be lies but not for long and has always been a point of laughter for our family he made me dream let me be a child and so i now
AmandaGonzales39695 AmandaGonzales39695 5 years
LOVE IT!!!! Would do it in a heartbeat to keep my baby's dreams alive even a second longer....
loraylie loraylie 5 years
My 12,4 year old still believe in Santa my oldest stop believing when he turned 15 is OK for children to believe in things they need to be children for as. Long as they can and yes I go through great length in keeping this very well intact for them and why not
OrleneCharles OrleneCharles 5 years
I think it's very silly to go through such lengths to lie to your children. Eventually their going to know the truth, then you have to comfort them when they're hurting and disappointed.
ErnestSmith ErnestSmith 5 years
We forget when they stop being Children.
ErnestSmith ErnestSmith 5 years
We forget how soon they stop being children.
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