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BBC Interview Parody With Working Mom

This BBC Interview Parody Shows What a Mom Would Do — and It's Perfection

After a clip of Robert Kelly's two kids crashing his live BBC interview went viral, they quickly became the internet's favorite family. Although some still aren't over both his and his wife's epic reactions to their daughter, Marion, strutting in — followed by her bouncing baby brother — others can't help but wonder what would've happened if the roles were reversed and it was a mom being interviewed.

As many work-from-home moms know, something like this isn't necessarily a rarity. Kids can pop in at the worst possible times, and it seems like someone always needs something, especially when you're close by. In honor of all of the hardworking mamas who defuse bombs in their own lives daily, all while keeping everyone else's life together, one mom imagined how things would've gone down if it was a woman sitting in that home-office chair.

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