If running is your modus operandi, the BOB Revolution may be right up your jogging path. Although the price is a bit steep, it is comparable to those in the same category.

For $390, I can hardly find a better jogging deal than the BOB Revolution. There are so many things to love about it. First off, the air-filled tires provide an ultra smooth ride, as it is ready to handle all-terrain. Additionally, the front swivel wheel provides easy maneuvering, which is a huge plus when you're navigating a jogging trail that twists and turns. If you are on a straight path and prefer a locked wheel, just snap a latch down to keep the wheel locked forward facing.

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Keeping stroller purchases to a minimum, parents will like being able to use the BOB soon after their child's birth (6 — 8 weeks of age is recommended age). Adapters are available to make it compatible with various car seats (Graco Infant Snugride and Peg Perego Primo Viaggio are just two) though it is advised not to run with a baby under six or eight-months-old as their necks may not be fully developed. As the tot ages, he can relax in the spacious five-point-harness reclined seat as mommy pushes her way through a sweaty routine. And, with all of the pouches, the toddler can organize his juice and snacks beside him keeping the stop-and-gos to a minimum.

When the jog is over and you've got to store this bad boy, get ready to work out your biceps. While it folds very easily with a quick two-motion breakdown, it's no easy feat to lift the 22.6 pound buggy. But for those of you ready to work off the baby weight, you may not mind the two second arm workout after a 30 minute run.

Other perks of the BOB are: a padded handle bar that is easy to push while running, a peek hole sun canopy that looks more like a sunroof for the tiny passenger, a spacious basket for storage, netted storage on the back of the seat, and a brake system that works like a charm, which is especially important when going at a faster pace.

From where I stand, the only major drawbacks to this stroller are that you have to wait about six weeks before using it, the weight and the price. If you can be flexible on those three items, I think the BOB is a winner. After all, it seems to provide much of the same as the $900 options, but you can get a workout as well! Apparently I'm not alone — just ask meandtheo.

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