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Babies Switched at Birth

In a situation straight from a lilsugar poll, two Illinois women ended up with the wrong babies.

According to an Associated Press article:

The switch apparently occurred when Bathon's son, Hunter Allen Bathon, and Hopkins' son, Riley Howard Spencer, were taken at the same time to be circumcised. Both wore identification, Womick said, but "apparently both came off and they put the wrong ones back on."

And, while both of the moms initially had reservations about the babies they were given, the hospital assured them they were their flesh. It was only after one mother went home with the wrong son that medical personnel realized they made a mistake. To see how they relayed the news,


The piece said:

The hospital realized the mix-up and called Bathon at home the same day, March 28, and left a message on her answering machine asking her to return to Marion to retrieve her real son, Womick said.

Needless to say that the mamas are suing for damages and to ensure that this ordeal doesn't happen to anyone else.

scolaccij scolaccij 9 years
One more reason not to circumcise!
jessie jessie 9 years
yikes....scary for both parents. they should be talking to the folks who did the circimsion and the nurses who were there. they are the ones who should get in some trouble. but by sueing, maybe then can find ways so it doesn happen to others. once you've lived thru something scary, you always try to make sure it can't happen to others.
Moms Moms 9 years
I am not a sue happy person, but if they sent my child home with another mother, I'd definitely try to bring as much attention to the situation as possible so it never happened to anyone else. That's why Dennis Quaid sued, it's not because he needed the money.
LiLRuck44 LiLRuck44 9 years
When you give birth in a hospital, there are risks and unfortunately this is one of them. I think it's ridiculous of them to sue. Maybe next time they'll have a home birth.
a_mama a_mama 9 years
Not to mention the fact that your baby could have been breastfed by someone else (and you're feeding someone else's). That give me the heebie jeebies.
ufshutterbabe ufshutterbabe 9 years
I disagree about there not being damages (and I am NOT a "sue the b*st*rd's!" type), but there could be real emotional damage done to the parents in that situation. Anxiety over their kid being "missing", inability to trust the medical establishment in the future, etc. This is so not a "oh, la di dah, I got my kid back, so it doesn't matter" situation. I'm not a lawyer, so this isn't an opinion based on legal statutes or anything, but wouldn't it be part of the "contract" you have with a hospital that they wouldn't mix up the babies? I think those parents are definitely entitled to something in this situation (hopefully in an amount big enough to punish the hospital for it's carelessness/negligence)
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 9 years
Damn that sucks. Thank God they figured it out.
seishi5 seishi5 9 years
Scary! And after everyone at the last poll about this was saying how much more security there is now. Maybe this hospital isn't using up to date identification technology? One more reason for homebirth when safe!!
vickibug vickibug 9 years
Seriously, an answering machine message?? That's horrible.
AnnaLove AnnaLove 9 years
Karisa read my mind. It's an unfortunate situation to have happen, but it's not as though the hospital tried to cover up their mistake.
kikidawn kikidawn 9 years
That's scary! After the previous poll I asked my mom if she was ever worried about it. She told me that she wasn't really b/c at the hospital she was at they let her babies stay in the room with her and only took them to get tests done. And she said that her babies were unique looking and that she would probably have been able to tell if it wasn't them. But after reading this story it freaks me out even more! The fact that the hospital just brushed their feelings aside. From my understanding both moms said something was different and the hospital knew they were at the same place same time with their ID bracelets off. You would think the hospital would do blood tests or something just to make sure this didn't happen (where one mother takes the other baby home)
karisaamy karisaamy 9 years
I understand that this was a big issue for the families, but suing for damages?? There were no damages, the babies were safe and sound after the mix up was fixed in the shortest time possible. I really get annoyed that with every mistake, even if it is fixed as soon as possible, people need to sue. There were no real damages to the kids as I expect that neither kid was dropped on it's head by the wrong family. Ok off my soapbox now
bealotus bealotus 9 years
That's crazy! When I had my daughter it was c-section so they immediately gave her to me,if it wasn't because they did that I wouldn't think that was my baby,because I am olived-skinned dark haired and dark eyes and my daughter was born with light eyes,blond hair and golden skin that she is growing into a little girl I see the resemblances,and everybody says she is my it's kinda funny...but creepy those mistakes that can happen in the hospital.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
those poor families, but at least it was sorted out quickly
anniekim anniekim 9 years
I can only imagine how angry and freaked out I could be under those circumstances. To think that the mothers had an idea that something was wrong and their fears were dismissed. At least they figured out what had happened quickly. I wonder what the tip off was?
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