In a situation straight from a lilsugar poll, two Illinois women ended up with the wrong babies.

According to an Associated Press article:

The switch apparently occurred when Bathon's son, Hunter Allen Bathon, and Hopkins' son, Riley Howard Spencer, were taken at the same time to be circumcised. Both wore identification, Womick said, but "apparently both came off and they put the wrong ones back on."

And, while both of the moms initially had reservations about the babies they were given, the hospital assured them they were their flesh. It was only after one mother went home with the wrong son that medical personnel realized they made a mistake. To see how they relayed the news,


The piece said:

The hospital realized the mix-up and called Bathon at home the same day, March 28, and left a message on her answering machine asking her to return to Marion to retrieve her real son, Womick said.

Needless to say that the mamas are suing for damages and to ensure that this ordeal doesn't happen to anyone else.