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Baby Back on Track After Surgery to Correct Severe Birth Defect

Baby Back on Track After Surgery to Correct Severe Birth Defect

Some of the worst news you can receive as a pregnant mom is that your baby isn't perfectly healthy. As the The Boston Globe reports, Mary Gundrum and her husband Mark were told just that at her 20-week ultrasound.

The Gundrums' son had an extremely rare disorder which was causing part of his brain to grown outside of his skull, and preventing the two halves of his face from coming together. His prospects weren't good: he could die before being born, live only a few hours after birth, or be severely disabled. 

Devout Catholics and parents to seven other children, the Gundrums decided to continue the pregnancy. Thankfully, as Mary told ABC News, Dominic was born "screaming and kicking and full of life." Five months later, he underwent an extensive and difficult surgery, and at seven months of age he is now believed to be developing normally for his age. 


Read the full story at The Boston Globe >>

Image Source: Aram Boghosian, Boston Globe

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