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Baby Basics Discount Diapers

Baby Basics: A Jumbo Pack of Diapers For $7?

Newborns can go through 10 diapers a day and though the changes become fewer and further between as children age, the cost of Pampers add up. Most new parents test out a few brands before settling on a family favorite. Baby Basics recently sent me their new discount diapers to put to the test. Sold in SUPERVALU national grocery stores (like Albertson's and Hornbacher's), the jumbo packs cost $6.99.

Who is this product designed for?: In this economy, Baby Basics is a great option for families strapped for cash (or just looking for a deal) when it comes to a necessity like diapers.
What sets it apart?: The price. The jumbo pack of size two diapers contains 52 diapers which works out to be about 13.5 cents per diaper. The premium brand I normally buy costs approximately 23 cents per diaper. Considering the difference, I was impressed by the way Baby Basics performed. The well constructed diapers contoured to fit snug around my son's legs and never leaked. They even held up for a five-hour interval during the night.
What could be better?: When soiled, the diapers get very bulky. Premium diapers have a better lining to draw moisture away from the baby and keep their bottoms dry, without adding a ton of bulk.
Would you buy it?: Yes. Though I prefer my tried and true (through three kids) premium brand of diapers, I would purchase these if I were looking to cut a monthly expense.
Would you give it as a gift?: Yes. These would make a great baby shower present and are ideal for keeping costs to a minimum when building a diaper cake to gift!
Did it make baby happy?: My four-month-old son was comfortable and could move freely in these nappies.

MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
Well, the discussion was how long the diaper will last before blowing out, so we aren't talking a little pee here and there, we are talking about continually wetting the diaper. Both the diaper companies and most health care professionals advise against kids sitting in soiled diapers for prolonged amounts of time. I didn't change my daughter the minute she wet, but its silly to pretend 12 hours in a continually filling diaper is healthy.
MissSushi MissSushi 7 years
With my first I used Members Mark diapers before we switched to cloth. They are pretty budget friendly and worked better then all of the other brands for us. My daughter has a very thin frame though, and i've heard very chubby babies do NOT do well in them. As much as we all like our sleep.. it really isn't a good thing to leave kids in the same peed in diaper for hours and hours on end.. people tend to think a diaper should last 12 hours, and that just isn't healthy.
Moms Moms 7 years
Anonymous — I tested the size 2 diaper and it may have held up longer than five hours, but my son woke up so I changed him.
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