Newborns can go through 10 diapers a day and though the changes become fewer and further between as children age, the cost of Pampers add up. Most new parents test out a few brands before settling on a family favorite. Baby Basics recently sent me their new discount diapers to put to the test. Sold in SUPERVALU national grocery stores (like Albertson's and Hornbacher's), the jumbo packs cost $6.99.

Who is this product designed for?: In this economy, Baby Basics is a great option for families strapped for cash (or just looking for a deal) when it comes to a necessity like diapers.
What sets it apart?: The price. The jumbo pack of size two diapers contains 52 diapers which works out to be about 13.5 cents per diaper. The premium brand I normally buy costs approximately 23 cents per diaper. Considering the difference, I was impressed by the way Baby Basics performed. The well constructed diapers contoured to fit snug around my son's legs and never leaked. They even held up for a five-hour interval during the night.
What could be better?: When soiled, the diapers get very bulky. Premium diapers have a better lining to draw moisture away from the baby and keep their bottoms dry, without adding a ton of bulk.
Would you buy it?: Yes. Though I prefer my tried and true (through three kids) premium brand of diapers, I would purchase these if I were looking to cut a monthly expense.
Would you give it as a gift?: Yes. These would make a great baby shower present and are ideal for keeping costs to a minimum when building a diaper cake to gift!
Did it make baby happy?: My four-month-old son was comfortable and could move freely in these nappies.